Tomb Raider Fans Want Remakes Of The Original Games

The Tomb Raider Remasters are going down well, but some fans want them taken even further with full remakes.

Tomb Raider Fans Want Remakes Of The Original Games

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered is out now, letting fans experience the first three games in the series on modern hardware. Reviews are looking mostly positive, with fans and critics praising developer Aspyr for remaining faithful to the original games.

However, for some fans, the Tomb Raider remasters are a little too faithful. Across social media, some are expressing their disappointment that the trilogy isn't a full remake, saying that they'd like to see the first three games with even further improvements, making the most of the current console generation.

This sentiment can be seen in comment sections of various Tomb Raider TikToks that show off the graphical differences between the originals and remasters.

"This remake needs a remake," says one commenter. "Need to remake them properly like the latest Tomb Raiders," says another.

Many others were also seemingly under the impression that the games would have more modern graphics, with one user saying, "There's no way the remake was made in 2024". Another agrees, "When I heard these were getting remastered, I was hoping the graphics would be better tbh."

Many have rushed to the game's defence, explaining the difference between a remake and a remaster. In this case, the devs aren't trying to make the most of modern hardware, and are making improvements while retaining the more exaggerated, cartoony artstyle of the originals.

It isn't just disappointment over the visuals that have fans wanting a remake though. Others in various comment sections also complain about the tank controls. Admittedly, the modern controls are probably far less popular, but it was always going to be difficult to make a more modernised moveset work for level design that was made with the classic controls in mind.

In any case, these comments do suggest that there is a market for a full-blown remake. The first game already got the remake treatment with Tomb Raider: Anniversary, but this was some time ago now, and the other two games in the trilogy never got a remake from the ground up.

But before we get anything resembling a proper remake, we're probably in for more remasters. The trilogy seems to tease a remaster of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, which could be bundled with the next two games, Chronicles, and Angel of Darkness.

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