One Piece Crocodile Cosplay Sets a High Bar For the Netflix Series’ Next Season

By Shazara Khan Published 59 minutes ago

A fan honors Crocodile’s legacy with their stunning cosplay and shows why he remains a fan-favorite character many years after his debut.

One Piece Crocodile Cosplay Sets a High Bar For the Netflix Series' Next Season


  • Crocodile, a cunning mastermind in One Piece , is known for his unique design and stylish resemblance to old-school mafia bosses.
  • u/Scheal's Crocodile cosplay perfectly captures the antagonist's cool and sophisticated demeanor.
  • The cosplay pays tribute to the beloved villain's popularity, setting a new benchmark for his potential live-action appearance.


Despite his cruel actions in Arabasta, Crocodile is a beloved villain in the world of One Piece. The criminal mastermind is known for his stylish design and nonchalant attitude, reminiscent of mafia bosses from classic films. In a recent Reddit post, u/Scheal shared an amazing cosplay that perfectly captures the antagonist's shrewd nature.

One Piece Crocodile Cosplay Sets a High Bar For the Netflix Series' Next Season

Through a gallery of photos, the cosplayer exudes sophistication by recreating Crocodile's appearance in the Summit War Saga. Scheal makes a fashion statement while donning the character's trademark gold hook and green scarf. They complement these elements with a somber expression that bears an uncanny resemblance to the former Warlord. In a perfect tribute to the character, Scheal poses with a cigar while looking uninterested in the world around them.

The Reddit user's cosplay embodies the cool persona that fans have come to associate with Crocodile.

One Piece's Crocodile Cosplay Shows How He Could Look In Live-Action

One Piece is Produced by Toei Animation and Based on the Manga By Eiichiro Oda


Crocodile, commonly known by his epithet "Sir Crocodile", is introduced as the president of Baroque Works. His plans to conquer Arabasta are foiled by the Straw Hat Pirates, who help Nefertari Vivi take back her country. After his defeat, Crocodile is stripped of his Warlord status and imprisoned at Impel Down's Level 6. He joins Luffy as an unlikely ally during the Summit War and later establishes the Cross Guild with Dracule Mihawk.

Crocodile is often regarded as the story's first major threat and is one of the few antagonists who has defeated Luffy more than once. In addition to his strong Devil Fruit powers, he is a cunning mastermind with an ambiguous moral compass. However, Crocodile's unique design is what makes him popular with many fans. This is proven by Scheal's stunning cosplay, which recreates the pirate's most iconic look from the series.

Crocodile's simple but sophisticated manner has made him a fan-favorite in One Piece. He also paves the road for other tactical villains like Donquixote Doflamingo and Marshall D. Teach. As the live-action Netflix series prepares for another season, fans eagerly await Crocodile's debut in Arabasta. In the meantime, however, they can enjoy Scheal's breathtaking cosplay, which sets a new benchmark for the villain's live-action appearance.

Source: u/Scheal

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