Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)

By Amanda Bruce and Jessica Smith

Netflix has dedicated a season of Bridgerton to each book that follows a sibling’s love story but the show may not match the book’s marriages.

Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)


  • Bridgerton season 3 will focus on Colin and his love story with Penelope, diverging from the book storyline.
  • Each Bridgerton sibling faces challenges in marriage due to societal pressures and strict norms of the Regency era.
  • Netflix's Bridgerton merges historical facts with a fictional narrative, showcasing diverse cast and sibling dynamics.


Bridgerton follows a sibling-a-season, but it is not certain the Netflix show’s Bridgerton siblings marry the same people as they do in the books. Bridgerton is based on the novels by Julia Quinn and was adapted by Shonda Rhimes for Netflix. The success of the first two seasons was massive and led Rhimes to create a prequel with Quinn based on Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Bridgerton season 3 will divert from the books, following Colin Bridgerton and his love story with Penelope Featherington, instead of Benedict’s story as the third book does.

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Daphne was the first Bridgerton sibling to marry, and season 1 set up the trend of giving each sibling a season. Bridgerton merges the 1800s Regency era with a diverse cast as it focuses on telling a fictional story based on historical facts. Each sibling faces problems, however, as the Regency era places pressure on women to marry and follow strict social etiquette, and on men to take on household responsibilities at an early age. These issues seep into the Bridgerton’s marriages and make their journeys difficult, but worthwhile — although their show and book journeys can sometimes be quite different.

8 Daphne Bridgerton

Played By Phoebe Dynevor


Daphne Bridgerton is the lead of the first book, The Duke and I, and this follows her love story with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, who does not feature in Bridgerton again. The major plot line of the book is the same as the Netflix series, wherein Daphne and Simon pretend to court to avoid pressure from society to marry — only to fall in love while fake-courting.

There are some minor changes, such as the fact that Simon does not avoid Daphne in the Bridgerton books, but Daphne and Simon's forced marriage and rocky start are the same. The issue of having children is similarly a major disagreement in the Bridgerton books and series.

7 Anthony Bridgerton

Played By Jonathan Bailey


Anthony Bridgerton’s storyline also stayed very similar in Netflix’s Bridgerton to Quinn’s books. The Viscount Who Loves Me is the second novel, and shows Anthony being obsessed with his own mortality and never letting himself fall in love with someone. This translates to Bridgerton, but it is reigned in significantly.

Both the book and the series see Anthony courting Edwina Sharma but ultimately falling for her sister, Kate, who also has no interest in marriage. Kate and Anthony’s story leading up to their marriage at the ending of Bridgerton season 2 is very similar to the books, leaving the show's biggest changes to happen to the other Bridgerton siblings in their sub-plots.

6 Benedict Bridgerton

Played By Luke Thompson

Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)

Benedict Bridgerton is the second-oldest son and is the lead of the third book, An Offer from a Gentlemen. Bridgerton has already changed this, as season 3 will not follow Benedict but Colin, the third son. Benedict’s Netflix story so far has seen him explore the arts and try to learn about himself, but he has not had any serious love interests.

In his book, Benedict marries Sophie Beckett — who is not yet a character in the Netflix show — in a Cinderella-type story where he meets her at a ball. Benedict’s lack of love interests suggests he will still marry Sophie, especially as she is meant to be introduced as an unknown character.

5 Colin Bridgerton

Played By Luke Newton


Bridgerton season 3 covers Colin and his marriage to Penelope Featherington. Although coming earlier than his story in the books, Bridgerton season 3 does seem to be following the general plot of Colin’s book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton. A major issue in Colin and Penelope’s romance will be Penelope’s identity as Lady Whistledown.

The set-up of season 3 is already very different to Quinn’s books in this regard, as the audience knows who Lady Whistledown is, and Penelope and Eloise are in a huge fight. Colin and Penelope may have more issues in Bridgerton, but their marriage will likely be the same as in the books.

4 Eloise Bridgerton

Played By Claudia Jessie

Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)

Eloise is the Bridgerton sibling whose story has been changed the most in the Netflix series so far. Eloise and her fight for women’s rights and equality has meant she has been a leading character in both seasons of Bridgerton.

A major change was Eloise's romance with Theo Sharpe, who works at the printing shop that Lady Whistledown uses. Theo does not exist in the books, and his presence in Eloise’s life creates a big problem for her story. In To Sir Phillip, With Love, Eloise marries Sir Phillip Crane after his current wife, Marina Thompson, dies. Eloise’s story does contain a time-jump, which could mean there is plenty of time for her story to say the same in Netflix’s Bridgerton.

3 Francesca Bridgerton

Played By Ruby Stokes (Seasons 1 and 2) and Hannah Dodd (Season 3 Forward)

Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)

Francesca Bridgerton is the only sibling to marry twice, but her minimal appearance in Netflix’s Bridgerton — as she is still quite young — has given no indication of her future story. In When He Was Wicked, Francesca first marries the Earl of Kilmartin, John Sterling, but he has a tragic death.

Francesca seeks comfort with her best friend, who is also her husband’s cousin, Michael Sterling. Michael has secret feelings for Francesca, and their grief and guilt pose a major problem as Francesca starts to have feelings too. The series is likely to follow Francesca’s rocky story, as there is no major indication otherwise.

2 Hyacinth Bridgerton

Played By Florence Hunt

Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)

The youngest Bridgerton daughter, Hyacinth, marries Lady Danbury’s grandson, Gareth St. Clair, in Quinn’s seventh Bridgerton book, It’s in His Kiss. They fall for each other as Hyacinth helps him translate an old family diary of Gareth’s which is written in Italian.

Hyacinth is still a child in Netflix’s Bridgerton, so she has not had any other love story. However, Lady Danbury is a major, and beloved, character in the Netflix Bridgerton universe, so it is likely the series would want to include a relation of hers, especially since Lady Danbury’s backstory was explored in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

1 Gregory Bridgerton

Played By Will Tilston

Who Every Bridgerton Marries In The Books (Will The Show Be The Same?)

The final Bridgerton sibling to marry is the youngest son, Gregory. Like Hyacinth, Gregory is still a child in the Netflix Bridgerton story. In his book, On the Way to the Wedding, Gregory has a friends-to-lovers romance like his brother, Colin.

Gregory initially wants to court Hermione Watson, who has feelings for someone else, as he instantly falls in love with her. Lucy Abernathy helps Gregory court Hermione as she believes they are a good match. This leads to them falling for each other and eventually marrying. Similar to Hyacinth, not much is known about Gregory in Netflix’s Bridgerton, so it is likely his marriage will also stay the same as in the book.

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