Netflix’s New Japanese Crime Drama Claims A Major Spot On US Top 10 Chart

By Rachel Ulatowski Published 3 minutes ago

Netflix’s new Japanese crime drama House of Ninjas is receiving global attention as it hangs onto the tenth spot on the United States’ top 10 chart.

Netflix's New Japanese Crime Drama Claims A Major Spot On US Top 10 Chart


  • House of Ninjas climbs Netflix charts in the United States and Japan, captivating audiences with a mix of action, family drama, and comedy.
  • Stellar reviews and a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score highlight the show's appeal worldwide, making it a bingeworthy hit.
  • The show sheds light on Japanese culture and modern-day ninjas, attracting international viewers with its unique concept.


Netflix's new Japanese crime drama House of Ninjas is receiving attention in America, as it graces the country's top chart for TV shows. The show follows the Tawara family, who were once a clan of ninjas. However, after one mission ended in a tragic loss, the family retired from the ninja world and decided to try to live as average citizens. Years later, when a threat surfaces, the family must reconnect and pick up their ninja ways again. The show has proven to have universal appeal as it climbs Netflix's charts in America and Japan.

As of the writing, House of Ninjas is number 10 on Netflix's Top 10 Most-Watched TV shows in the United States. The show has only been out a little more than a week and has some tough competition with the release of Love is Blind season 6 and Resident Alien season 3. However, despite several big releases and the ongoing appeal of Griselda and Young Sheldon, the crime drama has managed to hold onto a spot in the Top 10.

What Are People Saying About House of Ninjas?

Netflix's New Japanese Crime Drama Claims A Major Spot On US Top 10 Chart

On top of its recent charting, House of Ninjas is also getting stellar feedback from critics and audiences alike. It has achieved a perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes critics score, although it has only received six reviews from certified critics. Still, its reviews are off to a strong start, and it also boasts an 88% audience score. Meanwhile, the show is currently no. 1 on Netflix's Top 10 TV show chart in Japan. Furthermore, it made the Top 10 in 71 countries in its debut week.

The reviews of House of Ninjas agree that it is a delightful and binge-worthy show, describing it as an appealing blend of martial arts action, family drama, and comedy. The cast has also drawn high praise for their nuanced and powerful performances. Additionally, the show shines a light on Japanese culture with its exploration of the shinobi, though it does focus more on bloody action and family dynamics than really delving into the cultural and historical aspects.

Cast Kento Kaku , Yôsuke Eguchi , Tae Kimura , Kengo Kora , Aju Makita , Nobuko Miyamoto , Riho Yoshioka , Tomorowo Taguchi Release Date February 15, 2024 Seasons 1 Writers Dave Boyle Directors Dave Boyle Creator(s) Kento Kaku Where To Watch Netflix

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