The Good Doctor Season 7’s House Actor Is Great, But It’s Too Late For The Cameo We Really Want

By Dhruv Sharma Published 4 minutes ago

While it is incredible that another House actor is making a cameo in The Good Doctor’s season 7, it is sadly too late for another star’s appearance.

The Good Doctor Season 7's House Actor Is Great, But It's Too Late For The Cameo We Really Want


  • The Good Doctor welcomes Peter Jacobson as a new cast member, adding to the exciting crossover appeal with House alumni.
  • Fans can expect Jacobson's guest appearance in Season 7, Episode 2, bringing a unique sense of nostalgia and familiarity to the show.
  • While the possibility of a Hugh Laurie cameo may be slim, The Good Doctor continues to engage audiences with familiar faces from House.


The Good Doctor is adding another House cast member to its ensemble, which is incredible news for audiences that admire both medical dramas. However, in some ways, the news is also a reminder of the fact that it may be too late for another highly-demanded House cameo in The Good Doctor. This makes the arrival of the House star bittersweet, giving audiences mixed feelings of excitement surrounding the new actor's appearance and longing for the one star who may never make a cameo.

In its seven-season runtime, The Good Doctor has walked audiences through the ups and downs, highs and lows of Shaun Murphy's journey as a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. While Shaun's journey alone has been compelling enough to keep audiences hooked, the series has also introduced several actors and actresses from House throughout its runtime, likely because both shows share audiences. Fortunately, The Good Doctor season 7 will be continuing this trend.

Peter Jacobson's Casting Is Very Exciting For Fans Of The Good Doctor & House

The Good Doctor Season 7's House Actor Is Great, But It's Too Late For The Cameo We Really Want

Although many House cast members have previously appeared in The Good Doctor, perhaps one of the exciting cast crossovers in the two series is Peter Jacobson's addition to The Good Doctor's roster. According to reports, he will be making a guest appearance in The Good Doctor's season 7, episode 2, titled "Skin in the Game," premiering on 27 February 2024. While he famously portrayed Dr. Chris Taub in House, he will take on the role of a patient named Sal Zacharia in The Good Doctor, who gets admitted to the central San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital after an accident.

What makes Peter Jacobson's casting in The Good Doctor season 7 incredibly fascinating is that it further enhances the crossover appeal of the show that several previous House cast members have contributed to. Since none of the cast members play their House characters in The Good Doctor, their appearance in both shows does not establish a shared universe. However, seeing an actor like Peter Jacobson as a patient in The Good Doctor after seeing him as a doctor in Housecreates a unique sense of nostalgia and familiarity that improves one's viewing experience of both shows.

Name Of Cast Member

Character They Play In House

Character They Play In The Good Doctor

Beau Garrett


Jessica Preston

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Dr. Marina Blaize

Gonzalo Menendez


Armando Benitez

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Shamus O'Malley

Joshua Malina


Mitchell Stewart

Julie Warner

Margo Dalton

Pam Dilallo

David Marciano



Tracy Vilar



Anne Dudek

Dr. Amber Volakis


Azura Skye


Shelly Pavlovic

It's Probably Too Late For The Good Doctor's Biggest Possible House Cameo, Hugh Laurie

The Good Doctor Season 7's House Actor Is Great, But It's Too Late For The Cameo We Really Want

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It is great news that The Good Doctor is accommodating another House cast member in its narrative. Unfortunately, since the show is nearing its end, Peter Jacobson may be the last actor from House to cross over into The Good Doctor's universe. Owing to this, it seems unlikely that audiences will ever get to witness a Hugh Laurie cameo. While it is not impossible for House's Hugh Laurie to still appear in The Good Doctor, the show is running out of time and gradually losing the window of opportunity to make it happen. Hopefully, The Good Doctor's creators will still find a way.

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