This Below Deck Star Has Shown The Most Growth In The Franchise Tumi Should Take Some Notes

By Neha Nathani Published 1 day ago

One of the crew members has shown exceptional leadership skills and a drama-free personality in Below Deck season 11, which is earning fans’ praise.

This Below Deck Star Has Shown The Most Growth In The Franchise & Tumi Should Take Some Notes


  • Fraser impresses fans with improved leadership on Below Deck, avoiding drama and managing his team effectively.
  • Viewers compare Fraser to Tumi, praising his no-nonsense approach and his ability to handle attention-seeking crew members.
  • Despite some criticism, Fraser's growth as a chief stew is evident in season 11, positioning him as a potential breakout star.


Viewers are elated to see how much Fraser Olender has improved since his last appearance on Below Deck and have compared him to Tumi Mhlongo. The new season promises a lot of entertainment, including new faces, returning crew members, and a new strict captain, Kerry Titheradge. Below Deck season 11 has just premiered and has already featured some hearted arguments between the cast members. Recently, lead deckhand Ben Willoughby tried instigating a fight between Barbara “Barbie” Pascual and Cat Baugh. Fraser slammed Ben for meddling in the interior department and his desire to seek attention.

Below Deck fans are impressed to see how quickly Fraser reacted to Ben’s attempt to cause trouble between his team members. An Instagram user commended Fraser by writing (via belowdeckbravo), “pleasure watching Fraser having grown into a chief stew. And love the comments of course!”

A Reddit user, Customers_serviced, also praised Fraser’s management styles and asked Tumi, a chief stew on Below DeckMediterranean, to learn from him.

The Reddit post read, “what a contrast in management styles, refreshing to see someone who acts appropriately in a management role.”

Another Redditor called him the “best chief stew ever” in the franchise.

Fraser’s Below Deck Improvements Explained

This Below Deck Star Has Shown The Most Growth In The Franchise & Tumi Should Take Some Notes

Fans also compared Tumi’s management style to Fraser’s. A Reddit user mentioned how Tumi was an “awful” chief stew and kept trying to assert dominance over her crew members, particularly Natalya Scudder. While Tumi attempted to be a strict chief stew in hopes of executing tasks efficiently, her actions towards Natalya made her look incompetent and insecure. In contrast, Fraser seems confident in his role as a chief stew. He doesn’t want drama under his supervision and wants his team to feel cohesive.

He could foresee how Ben’s attention-seeking behavior could be problematic and didn’t hesitate to criticize him.

Many Below Deck viewers are often drawn to the chaos and heated arguments between crew members. However, it’s refreshing to see that Fraser doesn’t contribute to the drama. Instead, he attempts to put an end to it with his no-nonsense attitude. Fraser’s excellent leadership skills have been evident since his debut in season 10. At the time, he took charge of the laundry room from Jessica Albert and made it cleaner and more organized. If Fraser continues to stay drama-free in Below Deck season 11, he could become one of the breakout stars of the franchise.

Fraser has been doing his best to avoid drama and displaying great leadership qualities. However, not all viewers can praise him for his work. Fans who have seen Katie Flood and Aesha Scott work as chief stews may think Fraser still has a long way to go before becoming the best chief stew of the franchise. One area he could improve in is taking constructive criticism, as noted by Captain Sandy Yawn. Although Fraser is good at managing his interior team, he needs to step up his game so that controversial Below Deck stars like Ben won’t take advantage of him.

Below Deck airs Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST, then streams the following day on Peacock.

Source: belowdeckbravo/Instagram,Customers_serviced/Reddit

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