Steven Yeun’s Live-Action Invincible Movie Role Seemingly Revealed By Robert Kirkman

By Lukas Shayo Published 2 minutes ago

Invincible creator Robert Kirkman seemingly reveals Steven Yeun’s extremely surprising role in the upcoming live-action Invincible movie.

Steven Yeun's Live-Action Invincible Movie Role Seemingly Revealed By Robert Kirkman

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.


  • Kirkman indicates that Steven Yeun has found a new role in the live-action Invincible movie as Cecil Stedman, head of the Global Defense Agency.
  • Invincible season 2, part 1 offers insight into the show's future, but word on the movie's development has been slow.
  • Kirkman emphasizes the importance of getting the live-action movie right and making sure it stands apart from the animated series.


Steven Yeun has seemingly found a surprising role in the live-action Invincible movie. In the animated show, Yeun plays the young protagonist, Mark Grayson, who struggles to cope with his place in the galaxy. The show premiered in 2021 and is based on Invincible comic, which was created by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley. It is currently in the middle of season 2, having taken a short mid-season break. The live-action Invincible movie, meanwhile, has been in development since 2017.

The Invincible season 2, part 1 ending offered insight into the future of the show. The movie is another story, as its development has been slow. While word about its production is limited, Kirkman has offered some insight into the casting process. While speaking with IGN, Kirkman seemingly revealed that Steven Yeun will be playing Cecil Stedman, the head of the Global Defense Agency. Check out his quote below:

"It's going through the pipeline slowly. The strikes and everything kind of put a pause on things for a while. We're just now getting back into that, and it's all very exciting but it's not something that we're rushing, it's something that we definitely want to get right. Now that the show is out and the animated series is doing well, we're trying to figure out ways to make sure that it stands apart, works in tandem with the show. To show how cool Invincible is and and doesn't detract from it in any way. So there's a lot of maneuvering that has to go into that and so it is taking a little bit of time but I can't wait for everyone to see Steven Yeun as Cecil Stedman."


Source: IGN / YouTube

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