One Of 2023’s Best Horror Movies Quickly Climbs Into Netflix’s US Top 10 Chart

By Nathan Graham-Lowery Published 11 minutes ago

One of 2023’s biggest horror slasher movies now enters Netflix’s United States top 10 charts after just being added to the streaming service.

One Of 2023's Best Horror Movies Quickly Climbs Into Netflix's US Top 10 Chart


  • Thanksgiving slashes into Netflix's US Top 10, cementing its horror legacy among viewers with a bloody twist on a traditional holiday.
  • Eli Roth's Thanksgiving , inspired by Grindhouse , was a critical and financial success, leading to the greenlight of a sequel in 2023.
  • Thanksgiving 2 is expected to come out in 2025, as the fiery final act of the original left John Carver's killer's fate in question.


Eli Roth's seasonal slasher Thanksgiving has made a bloody splash on Netflix's viewership charts, entering the US top 10 upon being added. Inspired by the director's contribution to Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's 2007 movie Grindhouse, the horror movie focuses on a sleepy Massachusetts town that is plagued by a masked pilgrim-costumed killer during the titular holiday. Roth's holiday feature was a critical and financial success upon its release, earning praise in reviews and grossing $46.5 million from a $15 million budget, with Thanksgiving 2 being greenlit in November 2023.
Now, Thanksgiving has left Netflix viewers revisiting the 2023 horror movie upon it being added to the streaming service in the United States. During its debut week of February 12 to February 18, the horror movie firmly solidified its presence by taking ninth place on Netflix's US Top 10 chart. While additional statistics and viewership numbers were not provided, Thanksgiving surpassed Illumination's animated family comedy, Minions, pushing it to tenth place despite having spent six weeks on the chart.

What We Know About Thanksgiving 2?


Thanksgiving was just one part of several strong horror features to horrify and charm audiences in 2023. While the holiday-themed feature fittingly saw success across the latter half of the year, the year of horror was ushered in by the surprising viral success of Blumhouse's M3GAN. Returning franchises also made an impact, such as Scream VI, Evil Dead Rise, and Saw X. Alongside the success of A24 and YouTube duo RackaRacka's directional debut Talk To Me and Brandon Cronenberg's visceral psychological terror Infinity Pool, horror audiences weren't short of choice in 2023.

Although a sequel has been greenlight, audiences will have to wait until 2025 to see what Roth has in mind for it. Thanksgiving's fiery final act left the assumption that its John Carver-masked killer was still on the loose despite being horrifically burned, with no dead body being found at the scene and Nell Verlaque's Jessica being plagued by nightmares of the killer taking his revenge. While the ending employs many familiar tropes in the slasher subgenre, few details hint at what Roth has planned for the sequel.
While Thanksgiving's holiday ties and November release no doubt helped it tap into a morbid side of the season for a successful theatrical run, it is clear that the feature managed to strike a note with audiences. Its February Netflix performance shows that audiences who missed it were keen to give it a chance, or returning viewers were eager to rewatch it when it became available. As such, Thanksgiving's Netflix performance is a positive sign that viewers will come back for seconds in 2025.

Thanksgiving is available on Netflix and through a physical release on Blu-ray and DVD.

Source: Netflix

Director Eli Roth Release Date November 17, 2023 Studio(s) Spyglass Media Group , Electromagnetic Productions Distributor(s) TriStar Pictures Writers Eli Roth , Jeff Rendell Cast Addison Rae , Patrick Dempsey , Jalen Thomas Brooks , Nell Verlaque , Milo Manheim , Gina Gershon Runtime 106 Minutes

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