Amazon Launches Virtaul Queue For Lorcana’s Into The Inklands Expansion

The same system Amazon used for Rise of the Floodborn is in full effect.

Amazon Launches Virtaul Queue For Lorcana's Into The Inklands Expansion

Lorcana has been huge since its inception last year. That'll happen when you merge the worlds of Disney and TCGs. Two sets down, and navigating how exactly to distribute decks and sets has been tricky for Lorcana sellers big and small. With Lorcana's third set, Into The Inklands arriving in Disney Parks this week, Amazon has outlined how it plans to deal with its own stock of the expansion, opening a virtual queue for anyone who wants a chance at be among the first to land Into The Inklands products to join.

It's the same tactic Amazon employed for Lorcana's Rise of the Floodborn expansion and one used to try and make sure the cards end up in the hands of those who want them rather than scalpers looking to make a profit. Evident the last virtual queue must have worked hence Amazon returning to the process. There are five items from the expansion in total, and you'll need to request an invite should you want to be in a chance of pre-ordering them.

Of the five Into The Inklands products listed on Amazon, three require you to join the virtual queue, while two, the Starter Decks, appear to be available to pre-order without the need to use the queuing system.

The five Into The Inklands items currently listed on Amazon are the two starter decks (Amber/Emerald and Ruby Sapphire), the booster display, the Illumineer's Trove, and the gift set. Prices start at $16.99 each for the starter decks and go up to $143.99 for the booster display, a box that includes 24 Into The Inklands booster packs. You can join the virtual queue now, and once it's closed, Amazon will employ a lottery system to determine who in the queue gets the opportunity to pre-order items from the set.

Request Invite At Amazon

If selected, Amazon will invite you to place orders for whichever items you'd like to buy. That invite will remain active for 72 hours. If you don't order anything after that window has closed, your invite will be revoked and extended to someone else in the queue. So, keep an eye on your emails and junk folder once the queue period is over as if you don't respond in time, selected or not, your chance to be among the first to own items from the Into The Inklands expansion will have been missed.

Request Invite At Amazon

As for when you'll get your hands on the set, the items will be with you on March 8, 2024, if all goes to plan. That's also the day the Into The Inklands set will be available through shopDisney and other online retailers. Adding the first locations to Lorcana, as well as characters from Disney Afternoon cartoons for the first time, Into The Inklands will be a huge leap forward for Lorcana, and its cards will be just as sought-after as everything to have come before them via the first two sets.

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