New Look At Kevin Costner’s Western Movie Released, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow

By Maxance Vincent Published 14 minutes ago

Warner Bros. releases a new look at Kevin Costner’s upcoming two-part western, Horizon: An American Saga, before its full trailer releases tomorrow.

New Look At Kevin Costner's Western Movie Released, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow


  • Horizon: An American Saga promises a star-studded cast and epic scale for a cinematic event.
  • Kevin Costner originally hoped to shoot four films back-to-back, but the Hollywood strikes force him to stop after two, with the first chapter's release set for June.
  • Costner's return to Western film direction after 21 years may mark a significant comeback for the genre.


A new look at Horizon: An American Saga has been released online. Written and directed by Kevin Costner and co-written by Jon Baird, the upcoming epic American Western boasts a star-studded cast comprised of Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jena Malone, Michael Rooker, Danny Huston, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Jamie Campbell Bower, among others. The ambitious project will be released in two chapters, both set to arrive in cinemas this year.

In anticipation of its full trailer debut tomorrow, Warner Bros. has released a short teaser on X/Twitter to announce a forthcoming trailer. The teaser gives a brief look at the film's epic scale alongside its star-studded cast in what promises to be a cinematic event to remember. Check out the teaser below:

Horizon: An American Saga Has Massive Potential

New Look At Kevin Costner's Western Movie Released, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow

While the prospect of a two-part epic Western film is certainly daunting in the current moviegoing landscape, Costner's previous directed films in the genre have been massive critical and commercial successes. His feature directorial debut Dances with Wolves led the resurrection of the Western genre in the 1990s and won six Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Costner. His 2003 Western Open Range, which starred Costner, Robert Duvall, and Annette Bening, was a commercial success, grossing over $68.3 million worldwide.

Despite this, Costner is usually remembered as a director for his 1997 post-apocalyptic film The Postman,which was a massive critical and commercial failure. It ultimately won the five Razzies it was nominated for, including Worst Picture. Horizon: An American Saga will mark Costner's first directorial endeavor after 21 years, and has been a passion project for him for a long time.

Kevin Costner plans to cast over 170 speaking roles for all of his chapters of Horizon: An American Saga .

Should the first two chapters prove successful, Costner plans to make two more movies, as he envisioned shooting all four films back-to-back. Production on the third film was paused due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, but the second chapter wrapped in the summer of 2023 before the actor's strike began. The film promises to be a risky epic that doesn't get released very often, with the first chapter of Horizon: An American Saga releasing on June 28, before the second chapter makes its way to cinemas two months later, on August 16.

Source: Warner Bros.

Director Kevin Costner Release Date June 28, 2024 Studio(s) New Line Cinema , Territory Pictures Distributor(s) Warner Bros. Pictures Writers Jon Baird , Kevin Costner Cast Kevin Costner , Sienna Miller , Sam Worthington , Luke Wilson , Giovanni Ribisi , Thomas Haden Church , Jena Malone , Abbey Lee , Michael Rooker , Danny Huston , Isabelle Fuhrman , Jeff Fahey , Will Patton , Tatanka Means , Ella Hunt , Jamie Campbell Bower

Key Release Dates

  • New Look At Kevin Costner's Western Movie Released, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow

    Horizon: An American Saga

    Release Date:2024-06-28

  • New Look At Kevin Costner's Western Movie Released, Full Trailer Drops Tomorrow

    Horizon: An American Saga- Chapter 2

    Release Date:2024-08-16

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