MTG’s Bloomburrow Set Has A Card Illustrated By Pokemon’s Mitsuhiro Arita

Legendary Pokemon TCG artist Mitsuhiro Arita has contributed to MTG’s upcoming Bloomburrow set with Lumra, Bellow of the Woods.

MTG's Bloomburrow Set Has A Card Illustrated By Pokemon's Mitsuhiro Arita

It's been a pretty exciting day for Magic: The Gathering fans, as the game's next four upcoming sets were recently shown off during MagicCon Chicago, including first looks at Outlaws Of Thunder Junction, Modern Horizons 3, Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed, and Bloomburrow. While each set is full to the brim with fantastic cards and art, Bloomburrow deserves a special mention due to one particular card.

Lumra, Bellow of the Woods is one of the more unique cards in Bloomburrow, which depicts a large snarling bear startling some understandably very distressed rabbits. It's a cool piece of art, but what makes it so special is that it was illustrated by none other than legendary Pokemon TCG artist Mitsuhiro Arita.

For those not in the know, Mitsuhiro Arita is about as famous as you can get in the Pokemon TCG world. He's been around and worked on the TCG ever since its very beginning, having worked on cards in their prototype stages before the release of Pokemon Red and Green.

Over the course of the next 28 years, Arita went on to illustrate 693 different cards, as well as several pieces of art for other series such as Shin Megami Tensei and Monster Hunter, and he's shown no sign of stopping. Bloomburrow having a card designed by Arita definitely make it one of the more unique upcoming sets, and maybe something that Pokemon TCG fans might want to get their hands on.

You can find a full list of every Pokemon card that Arita has designed on Serebii , but just be aware that there are quite a lot of them.

If Arita's involvement in Bloomburrow has piqued your interest, but you don't actually know what the rest of the set includes, let me clear it up for you. Bloomburrow was first announced last year and features a variety of animals living in a world devoid of humans. It's heavily inspired by titles such as Redwall and The Mouse Guard, and even turns already established human Magic characters such as Jace Beleren and Ral Zarek into adorable animal equivalents.

Bloomburrow was shown off in its entirety earlier today, but it'll be a while before we can actually get our hands on the set. A specific release date wasn't confirmed during MagicCon Chicago, so we still only have a release window of Autumn 2024 for our calendars, but at least there are plenty of other sets to look forward to between now and then.

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