Kingdom Hearts Fans Want An Epic Mickey World In KH4

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed has Kingdom Hearts fans hopping for a Wasteland world.

Kingdom Hearts Fans Want An Epic Mickey World In KH4

The announcement of an Epic Mickey remake has Kingdom Hearts fans hoping that we might get a Wasteland world or cameo from Oswald in Kingdom Hearts 4.

The past few days have been full of surprises, from Xbox confirming which of its exclusives would be going multiplatform in the near future to Nintendo's Partner Showcase revealing games like the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection and a brand-new Endless Ocean game. As great as those announcements were, though, there was one that was particularly exciting for Disney fans — an Epic Mickey remake.

Announced as part of the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is a "faithful" remake of the Wii classic that released more than a decade ago and hasn't really been heard from since, aside from a few cancelled projects being revealed and a bit of merch spotted several years ago that got fans hoping for something new on the horizon.

Now that something new (well, renew) is here, it's got Epic Mickey and Disney fans very excited about what the future could hold for the series. Not only do they think that a third Epic Mickey could happen if this remake sells well enough, but the emergence of the series has caused Kingdom Hearts fans to hope that we might finally see a Wasteland world in Kingdom Hearts 4, one that could even introduce Oswald.

Even with all the excitement around Epic Mickey right now, I haven't seen a single person ask for a remake of Epic Mickey 2… maybe just skip to the third one here, lads.

Over on Twitter, Rhelaza retweeted an announcement of Epic Mickey: Rebrushed and said, "and what if they're bringing this back because they're also cooking up an epic mickey world for kingdom hearts 4 WHAT THEN-", which got over 3.7k likes as of the time of writing. You might think that it's just Kingdom Hearts fans doing the usual and being so starved for news (I feel that) that we're hoping for anything, but the comments and retweets are full of support for the idea.

Twitter user Niosai called the idea "sick" and pointed out that it would make some sense for Kingdom Hearts 4, since Verum Rex is already a video game and we're dealing with a world of unreality and fiction, making Epic Mickey a perfect inclusion. Others pointed out that Nomura actually wanted Oswald in Kingdom Hearts 3, which would make introducing him through Epic Mickey's Wasteland a great chance to use him.

Considering how dark the Wasteland is and how Kingdom Hearts 4 is dealing with the topic of death and the afterlife, having Sora explore a world of forgotten characters actually makes a lot of sense for the series. That being said, considering how long Kingdom Hearts 4 has been in development, it seems more likely that we'll see it in a future game if we ever do. Still, though, it's a very cool idea to imagine Epic Mickey being represented in a Kingdom Hearts game at all.

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