Reina Is No Longer Tekken 8’s Most Popular Character

Anyone who has played a decent amount of Tekken 8 online will likely know who has taken the top spot.

Reina Is No Longer Tekken 8's Most Popular Character

Tekken 8 character stats that have been collected on PC and PS5 reveal that Reina is no longer the most popular fighter in the game, and has been usurped by some surprising characters.

Although it initially seemed like Azucena was the obvious choice to become the most popular character in Tekken 8, that wasn't what happened when the game launched last month. To everyone's surprise (including the game's director, Katsuhiro Harada), Reina stood out as the most fan-favourite, taking the top spot as the most-played fighter and being the one that everyone was talking about.

Although Reina is still getting a lot of love from fans, it seems that her time in the spotlight is already dwindling a little bit. Over on the Tekken subreddit, Redditor kelz_dunks4life shared an infographic for the game made by Twitter user AlietteFaye that tracks the popularity of characters across PC and PS5.

As you can see from the chart, which tracks the usage of fighters one month after the game's launch, Reina is no longer the most popular character in Tekken 8. When combining the stats from PC and PS5 players, the results reveal that Dragunov is the most used fighter on the roster currently, with Jin taking second place, and King sitting in third.

Reina, meanwhile, is the fourth most popular character on the roster, with 5.64 percent of players using her the most. She's a lot more popular with PC players than she is on PS5, as she's in second place on the PC-specific chart compared to fifth place on PS5. Dragunov is the clear winner on PC with 7.2 percent of players maining him, but he drops down to fourth place on PS5 and sits much lower on the chart than Jin and King, who are the platform's most popular fighters.

Azucena is still pretty high up in the character popularity charts, but she's currently the least popular newcomer in Tekken 8. Must be all that talk of coffee…

The chart also reveals that the least popular character on the whole Tekken 8 roster currently is Panda, as she places last on both the PC and PS5 charts. That isn't too much of a surprise considering she's barely changed from Tekken 7 (while Kuma at least gets some news moves), but it's interesting to see her so low down after fans begged for her to take up her own slot leading into Tekken 8.

Although it's a bit of a shame to see Reina's popularity drop a little bit since the last chart, it does make sense seeing as how players are starting to figure out who on the roster is the best to play online. Anyone who has been playing Tekken 8 will know that Dragunov has quickly become one of the most used fighters online, so him being at number one shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

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