How The Quantum Leap Season 2 Finale Allows For More Ben Addison Twists

By Lukas Shayo Published 2 minutes ago

The stunning Quantum Leap season 2 finale will allow for more important twists about Ben and Addison’s relationship to come in future seasons.

How The Quantum Leap Season 2 Finale Allows For More Ben & Addison Twists


  • Addison takes on a new role as a leaper alongside Ben, changing their relationship in Quantum Leap season 3.
  • The showrunners have expressed excitement for Addison's new role, promising fresh twists and surprises for the characters.
  • Ben and Addison's bond will strengthen in Quantum Leap season 3, introducing a new dynamic in their time-travel adventures.


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Quantum Leap season 2 finale!The relationship between Addison and Ben is sure to change in Quantum Leap season 3. A revival of the 1989 show, the modern telling follows up on Dr. Sam Beckett's adventures by focusing on a new leaper, Raymond Lee's Dr. Ben Song. Ben's partner, Addison (Caitlin Bassett), does what she can to help Ben as he jumps through time. The season 2 finale, however, threw a twist in their relationship. Instead of Addison merely observing, she is now leaping right alongside Ben.

While Quantum Leap season 3 is not yet guaranteed, the producers have high hopes for what the next season could mean for Addison and Ben. In an interview with TV Line, showrunners Dean Georgaris and Martin Gero explained why they brought the pair together. They shared their frustration with the "stagnation" that Addison and Ben were experiencing. They also emphasize that Addison's leaping will introduce new twists for the pair. Check out their quotes below:

Dean Georgaris: It was very early on in the process that we landed on the idea that Addison, who we’ve told the audience multiple times was meant to be the leaper, affirmatively chooses to become the leaper & which is also something we’d never seen on Quantum Leap before.

Martin Gero: [We were] frustrated in Season 1 with the stagnation of the Addison-Ben relationship… Now, their ability to physically occupy the same space, and having gone through a year of learning, it really blows open the doors for us as to what to do. We’re not going to do what you think we’re going to do with it. I really feel good about where our Season 3 could go, in a surprising and fun way.”

How Ben and Addison's Relationship Will Change


Throughout Quantum Leap, Ben has been in constant danger. He jumps from crisis to crisis, and the season 2 storyline saw him jump into a literal fire. All the while, Addison has been sitting by, watching Ben as he goes on his adventures and risks his life again and again. While she has faced some danger, it has never been quite as constant as Ben's constant leaps through time.

If it happens, Quantum Leap season 3 will feature a much stronger connection between Addison and Ben. She will no longer be a mere observer of his adventures. Instead, she can stand right beside him as they face down whatever threats come their way. It will introduce a new dynamic for Ben, as he rarely has someone to stand beside him. Hannah offered fleeting support, but Ben could use a more permanent ally. Addison can finally fill that role.

Quantum Leap is available for streaming on NBC, Roku, and Peacock.

Addison joining Ben on his adventures will permanently change their relationship. While Ben will inevitably want to end his leaps to finally go home, he will have Addison by his side, giving him some peace as his leaps continue. That will fundamentally change the show and will usher in new twists. Ben will have the chance to reconnect with Addison as she adjusts to life as a leaper if the next Quantum Leap season is confirmed.

Source: TVLine

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