Helldivers 2 Is Already Teasing A Game-Changing New Feature

By Richard Northrup Jr Published 2 days ago

Helldivers 2 teases a new feature from the original game that may be added in the future and would likely change the state of the game forever.

Helldivers 2 Is Already Teasing A Game-Changing New Feature


  • Helldivers 2 will see new content like biomes, enemies, weapons, and gear, keeping gameplay fresh.
  • Arrowhead Studios teases the introduction of the Illuminate faction, a technologically advanced aquatic species with unique abilities.
  • The Illuminate faction will likely bring a multitude of enemy types with new powers meant to challenge Helldivers .


Helldivers 2 has only been out a few weeks and is already teasing a game-changing new feature for the future. Helldivers 2 has been a massive success for Arrowhead Studios, both in sales and in popularity. This success has been duly assisted by the studio's open communication and the potential upcoming changes by developers. These include in-game ways to earn premium currency, transparency about the future of the game, and insight into what kind of content people can expect and when.

So far, future content shared by Arrowhead Studios includes new biomes, new weapon unlocks, Stratagems, gear, and enemies. While most of these features are things that are unlikely to change the landscape of Helldivers 2 drastically, the changes will shake up the feel of the game. New gear to grind for is never a bad thing in a game such as this due to the difficult progression the game currently has. However, the most popular addition by far would be new enemies for existing factions or new factions that would introduce fresh, unique mechanics.

Helldivers 2 Teases New Faction Illuminate

Helldivers 2 Is Already Teasing A Game-Changing New Feature

The Illuminate is a faction from the first Helldivers game and currently is only teased through a scrolling headline during a news broadcast that can occasionally appear on one's Destroyer. As the game is heavy on its governmental propaganda theme, the news is being brushed away as rumors spread by dissidents. Though this gives no exact timeline for when this new faction may come, due to the massive success of the game, a release for them may be sooner rather than later.

Arrowhead Studios has said that all future content updates will be free for all who have purchased the base game.

The Illuminate is a long-lived aquatic species that refers to themselves as the Squ'ith. Their technology is more advanced than humanity's, with mass production of weaponry. Though aquatic, the Illuminate have equipped their best with cybernetic enhancements to go along with their developed sense of nanobot/psychic powers. Their culture revolves around the pursuit of knowledge, with those failing to pursue this goal being in the lower ranks of their society and making up the bulk of their non-robotic army.

How Could The Illuminate Work In Helldivers 2


The Illuminate comes in many forms, and, at least in the first game, it seems like a combination of the best aspects of the Automatons and Terminids to go along with their powers. The main small scout units of the Illuminate are Watchers and Observers. These small robots usually come heavily armored and lightly equipped with weapons. Their purpose would likely be similar to enemies currently in the game that call in reinforcements. Though the first game had three variants of these scouts, they would likely be combined into one or possibly two enemy types for the sequel.

The infantry units of the Illuminate come in five forms, the mechanical units of those five being the Tripod and heavier armored Strider. These units are very tanky and unleash powerful electric attacks that can either slowly torture or quickly eliminate enemy Helldivers. The honorable infantry positions consist of the Hunter and Apprentice. The former is a long-range firearm unit that deals damage with electric pulses, whereas the latter are melee-based units able to subdue targets with their nanobot powers.

The final infantry unit of the Illuminate is the Outcast. These are members of their society who failed to increase their knowledge and have thus been cast out as expendable troops. They are equipped with weak melee weapons but do have invisibility cloaks that allow them to close the gap. These Outcasts will likely only be an issue if they can surround players before being discovered.

Special Units Of The Illuminate

Helldivers 2 Is Already Teasing A Game-Changing New Feature

Custom Image by Katarina Cimbaljevic

The Illuminate in the original Helldivers had four special units that could carry over to the sequel. The first is the Obelisk, which is a robotic support dome that will project a barrier. This barrier will let Illuminate pass through but will block any Helldiver attacks. The only way to destroy it is to enter the shield and destroy the core that will be exposed when active. It will be interesting to see if Helldivers 2's stratagems will be able to pierce the shield if strong enough, or if this sole weakness will be the only way to defeat it.

The next two units are the Illusionists and Council Members, both of which are similar. They are the upper echelon of the Illuminate society, entering the battlefield with heavy shields and nanobot powers capable of controlling other sentient lifeforms. It is unlikely these enemies would be able to control Helldivers, but perhaps impairing vision or movement would be a fair and challenging mechanic.

The last special unit, likely a boss similar to Helldivers 2's Hulk for specific missions, is the Great Eye. This heavily armored robotic unit watches over the Illuminate society and has the firepower to do so. The Great Eye is capable of sending out powerful bombs that can either damage or stun enemy Helldivers. If this unit were not used as a boss, it would likely need to be nerfed somewhat to balance out how often it would spawn at higher difficulties.

Overall, the Illuminate would make for an interesting third faction for players to battle against. The best thing about them would be having features from the existing factions while introducing new mechanics to keep the game fresh. Though any future additions like this for Helldivers 2 are likely a while away, teasing new game-changing features like this at launch, regardless of popularity, is a wise and exciting decision.

Franchise Helldivers Platform(s) PlayStation 5 , Microsoft Windows Released February 8, 2024 Developer(s) Arrowhead Game Studios AB Publisher(s) PlayStation Studios Genre(s) Action , Sci-Fi , Third-Person Shooter ESRB M Prequel(s) Helldivers

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