Foundation’s New Season 3 Update Could Mean A Major Shift For The Story

By Daniel Bibby Published 3 minutes ago

Foundation makes use of many famous science-fiction hallmarks, but one of its most prominent could be about to get another significant outing.

Foundation's New Season 3 Update Could Mean A Major Shift For The Story


  • Foundation season 3 will take place over 150 years after season 2, setting up major events and significant changes in plot dynamics.
  • The show's time jumps have had consequences on the Genetic Dynasty and the eventual confrontation between the Mule and Gaal Dornick.
  • Creator David S. Goyer hints at even further time jumps in the future, suggesting more twists and transformations for the show.


Foundation's story so far has included many twists and turns, but the show could be about to undergo yet another transformative event in the coming season. The Apple TV+ sci-fi epic hasn't shied away from high-concept narratives and moments that can be difficult to comprehend, but the scope of the show can't be denied. In keeping with this cerebral approach to story telling, Foundation season 3 looks as if its set to up the ante once again regarding one of its plot devices.

Foundation has made changes to Isaac Asimov's book series, but key parts of the narrative have remained in place. The show's story revolves around an impossibly long battle of wits between Hari Seldon and the Empire. As such, certain aspects of Foundation can't be told within the span of a traditional human lifetime, so Apple's space opera has found creative ways to enable the figurative chess match to continue for far longer. One of the tricks up the showrunner's sleeve has already been played, but it seems as if he's gearing up to use it again.

Foundation's Showrunner Has Said The "Vast Majority" Of Season 3 Will Take Place 150 Years After Season 2

Foundation's season 2 time jump won't be the show's last


The cast of Foundation isn't as interchangeable as one might expect, especially given the big time jumps that have already taken place. In fact, the core group of characters has remained largely the same so far despite the more-than-notable passage of time. However, speaking with Cinema Blend, Foundation creator and showrunner David S. Goyer referenced the interesting setting of season 3. In the interview, he stated, "The vast majority of the season will be taking place 150 years down the line."

Given that the Foundation season 2 ending featured a time jump of over 150 years, most of what Goyer stated isn't a surprise. However, his choice of the words, "Vast majority" implies that at least some of the story will take place even further into the future than that. There have already been three time jumps in the first two seasons of Foundation, and they've become bigger each time. So, it's possible that the next jump that Goyer seems to be planning could mean the passing of an even more significant period of time.

Why Another Foundation Time Jump Would Be Significant

The Genetic Dynasty's fate could become clear sooner rather than later


Each time jump has brought with it a shift in the dynamic between the Foundation and the Empire, so another jump would likely do the same. For instance, Foundation's Genetic Dynasty is in decline, with the Clone Emperors being produced from Cleon I's DNA steadily becoming less pure and increasingly unpredictable. As such, the already-flailing Cleons will be even further down the line of their degradation, even at the start of Foundation season 3.

There is also the matter of the Mule and how he threatens Hari Seldon's plan. The Mule has yet to have a true confrontation with Gaal Dornick, which has also confirmed by Goyer to finally happen in Foundation season 3. If another time jump occurs at the end of the coming season, the Mule's status will be vital in dictating whether he survives and follows the cast through another jump, or loses due to his own Mentallic powers falling short of Gaal's. Regardless, it's impossible to have a time jump in Foundation without consequences.

Foundation seasons 1 & 2 are available to stream now on Apple TV+. Foundation season 3 currently has no official release date.

Source: Cinema Blend

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