Every Tournament Contender In Cobra Kai Season 6, Ranked By Their Chance Of Winning

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Cobra Kai will end with a global karate tournament in season 6, but which of the main characters is the most likely to win the Sekai Taikai?

Every Tournament Contender In Cobra Kai Season 6, Ranked By Their Chance Of Winning


  • Hawk won the All-Valley Tournament but is unlikely to win the Sekai Taikai in Cobra Kai season 6.
  • Kenny, a former antagonist, could be a strong contender in the global karate tournament.
  • Winning the Sekai Taikai Tory, Robby, Sam, and Miguel complete their character arcs.


Cobra Kai season 6 will see multiple dojos competing in the Sekai Taikai, and some characters are more likely to win the global karate tournament than others. After school fights, home invasions, and deadly matches at Terry Silver’s mansion, there was only way for Cobra Kai’s final season to be bigger than the previous one &- an international competition. Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen’s unnamed dojo will compete in the tournament for which the Cobra Kai dojo, which is now likely run by sensei Kim, has also qualified. Therefore, the stakes have never been higher for Cobra Kai.

Before Daniel LaRusso returns to the big screen in the upcoming Karate Kid movie, he will coach his students alongside Johnny Lawrence and Chozen Togushi in the Sekai Taikai. First mentioned during Kreese’s flashbacks in season 5, the Sekai Taikai is a global competition that welcomes dojos from all over the world and whose reach can tear the winning team into a massive brand. Between whatever is left from Cobra Kai and the international teams, Cobra Kai’s main characters have a tough job ahead of them if they want to win the saga’s biggest tournament yet.

All Valley Karate Tournament



Daniel LaRusso


Daniel LaRusso


Miguel Diaz

2019 (boys division)

Eli Moskowitz

2019 (girls division)

Tory Nichols

7 Eli Moskowitz/Hawk Recently Won The All-Valley

Hawk won the All-Valley Karate Tournament in season 4


Hawk has been one of Cobra Kai’s best fighters since the show's beginning, yet he will likely not win the Sekai Taikai. Eli’s character arc was already concluded in season 4 through his victory at the All-Valley Karate Tournament following his training with Daniel LaRusso. Kreese’s Cobra Kai had turned Hawk into a villain, but he found the right path again with the help of Demetri, Johnny, and Daniel’s Miyagi-do. Eli’s previous tournament victory was the symbol of his redemption, and there isn’t much winning the Sekai Taikai would do to his character.

6 Kenny Payne Could Find Himself Again During The Sekai Taikai

Kenny is no longer part of Cobra Kai

Every Tournament Contender In Cobra Kai Season 6, Ranked By Their Chance Of Winning

Kenny quickly went from a potential “new karate kid” who would be trained by Robby to stand up against his bullies to one of the show’s antagonists thanks to Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai teachings. Fortunately, during Cobra Kai season 5’s ending, Kenny realized Silver was using him and the rest of the students. Kenny is now one of the show’s most promising characters, and it is unclear in which direction the series will take him. While not as experienced as Robby and Miguel, Kenny managed to defeat Hawk and could be a strong contender for the Sekai Taikai.

5 Demetri Alexopoulos Has Yet To Have A Tournament Win

Demetri has evolved a lot in Cobra Kai

Every Tournament Contender In Cobra Kai Season 6, Ranked By Their Chance Of Winning

Demetri’s only major karate win on the show happened at the end of season 2 during Cobra Kai’s iconic school fight episode. Demetri’s karate skills only got better after he landed a perfect kick on Hawk, yet he has yet to have a significant tournament win. Therefore, Demetri winning the Sekai Taikai could work narratively to cement his character development, not to mention how it would be a relatively surprising outcome. Demetri is still not as good as Robby or Miguel, but he could outdo himself in Cobra Kai season 6.

4 Tory Nichols Could Conclude Her Redemption Arc By Winning The Sekai Taikai

Tory is no longer a villain in Cobra Kai


Tory Nichols is among Cobra Kai’s best fighters and is one of the top contenders for the Sekai Taikai title. It is unclear whether Cobra Kai season 6’s global karate tournament will be split into gender-based categories like the latest All-Valley. However, the qualifiers hosted to decide which dojos would enter the competition were divided into male and female divisions. If the same applies to the official tournament, Tory’s chances of winning become even bigger considering she is one of two Cobra Kai female lead characters, the other being Sam LaRusso.

Having been part of both Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai, Keene is arguably the most complete fighter on the show. Robby would already be one of the favorites to win the Sekai Taikai based on his fighting skills alone, but the direction his story is heading also suggests he could be the champion. He has never won a tournament in Cobra Kai, but he now finally knows what he is fighting for. It would be interesting to have Robby training under Johnny for the first time and winning the global tournament by using the teachings of both of his mentors.

Robby lost his first All-Valley against Miguel and the second one against Eli.

2 Sam LaRusso Could Continue Daniel’s Legacy By Winning The Sekai Taikai

Sam represents the future of Miyagi-do karate

Every Tournament Contender In Cobra Kai Season 6, Ranked By Their Chance Of Winning

Like Robby, Sam never won a tournament, having lost the girls divisions’ finals against Tory in season 4. While winning a competition does not define whether a character’s journey is valid, Sam could use a major victory before Cobra Kai ends. Additionally, as the natural successor of Daniel LaRusso and therefore of Mr. Miyagi as well, Sam winning the Sekai Taikai would bring Karate Kid full circle. Cobra Kai is more of Johnny’s story than it is Daniel’s, but not having the “new LaRusso” win a tournament like her father before her would be disappointing.

1 Miguel Diaz Needs To Win The Sekai Taikai To Bring Cobra Kai Full Circle

Miguel is Cobra Kai’s “Karate Kid”


Sam may be Daniel’s successor, but Miguel is Cobra Kai’s true “karate kid” &- the underdog who moves to a new location and fights the strength they need thanks to a reluctant master. Cobra Kai’s cast has expanded a lot since the beginning of the show, welcoming not only new characters but also returning faces from the Karate Kid movies. Still, the show can be considered Miguel’s story, which is why Diaz is the most likely to win the Sekai Taikai. Miguel hasn’t shined since the school fight, and he must be Cobra Kai’s final tournament winner.

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