Dragon Ball’s Hyped Goku vs. Gohan Battle Has One Big Question To Answer

By Joshua Fox Published 8 minutes ago

Dragon Ball Super chapter #102 finally has Goku and Gohan fighting in their strongest forms, but it appears Goku is still holding back on his son.

Dragon Ball's Hyped Goku vs. Gohan Battle Has One Big Question To Answer


  • Dragon Ball Super chapter #102 is holding back on Goku and Gohan's fight by not having Goku use True Ultra Instinct.
  • It's possible that Goku gained a better understanding of Mastered Ultra Instinct off-screen.
  • Statements from Akira Toriyama might have already confirmed Gohan to be the winner of the fight.


Warning: Contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter #102.Dragon Ball Super chapter #102 officially kicked off one of the most hyped battles of the series in years: Goku versus Gohan. Both characters have made incredible leaps in power, however, it seems that Goku is still not taking his son seriously, as he's not using his strongest transformation.

Goku and Gohan's battle started with a bang, with both of them using Mastered Ultra Instinct and Beast right from the start, and at least right now, Goku and Gohan appear to be roughly equal in power when using their strongest forms. However, considering some of Goku's most recent developments, it seems like the fight is missing one important detail

Dragon Ball's Hyped Goku vs. Gohan Battle Has One Big Question To Answer

Considering the two agreed to go all-out from the start, it's odd that Goku is not using the True Ultra Instinct he developed during the battle against Gas (which sports black hair, compared to the white color of "regular" Ultra Instinct). The reason could be that despite his declaration, Goku is not taking his son seriously, or that Mastered Ultra Instinct is now better than the True form. Either way, this battle has more questions to answer than the simple "Who is stronger?"

Dragon Ball Super Isn't Having Goku Go All Out Against Gohan

Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, chapter #102 "Son Goku vs. Son Gohan"

Dragon Ball's Hyped Goku vs. Gohan Battle Has One Big Question To Answer

While Mastered Ultra Instinct gives Goku the most raw power out of his transformations, his true strongest form right now is True Ultra Instinct, a variation of Ultra Instinct that doesn't force Goku to suppress his emotions. That means that Goku is still holding back by only using the Mastered Ultra Instinct, and as such, Goku and Gohan's fight won't truly start until he uses True Ultra Instinct. It's surprising that Goku is holding on despite declaring the opposite, as this would be a big form of disrespect towards Gohan.

Granted, it's possible that Goku managed to get a better handling of his emotions between the end of the Granolah the Survivor saga and the current events of the manga. Dragon Ball is no stranger to having characters develop abilities off-screen, so he could be telling the truth about Mastered Ultra Instinct being his "best move". With how Dragon Ball Super has been progressing, it would make sense for Goku to use True Ultra Instinct, so hopefully, the story will clear up where Goku is at with his training relatively soon.

Dragon Ball Might Have Already Revealed The Winner Of Its Next Big Fight


Even if Goku does still need to use True Ultra Instinct, it might end up a moot point. As previously stated, Akira Toriyama said that Gohan is supposed to be stronger than anyone now that he has his Beast form, and considering how Gohan could defeat Cell Max, someone with strength comparable to Broly, Dragon Ball Super might have already confirmed that Gohan is going to beat Goku. That being said, Goku and Gohan’s fight is still sure to be fun to see, and it will be interesting to see how Dragon Ball Super has things play out between them.

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