Razor Iskur V2 — All The Support You’ll Ever Need

I could really use the support.

Razor Iskur V2 - All The Support You'll Ever Need


  • Tried multiple chairs, but only the Razor Iskur V2 provided the support needed to game comfortably without sacrificing posture.
  • Easy assembly, customizable features, and adaptive lumbar support make the Iskur V2 a worthwhile investment for those who can't sit still.
  • While the chair's price may be steep, the comfort, durability, and eco-friendly materials make it a top choice for gamers looking for a long-term solution.

Finding the right chair for my home office has been a challenge. I constantly move around, lean forward, and sit in less than optimal positions for my posture. Getting a chair I can not only relax in, but feel supported by is a big deal for me.

I know I could just try to sit still, but the few times that works, I get bored and squirm in my seat. This unfortunately means that whatever support I had will disappear because rolling away from the back of the chair defeats the purpose of having it at all.

The Razor Iskur V2, however, solves that problem for me. The support panel adjusts and rotates with you so that you always have support. This was a godsend, and my inability to sit still is no longer an issue while gaming.

It all starts with the delivery of a large box that’s slimmer than you anticipated. Everything is included, down to the tools you’ll need to assemble it. Don’t let that scare you, as it’s quite easy to put together on your own, though the recommendation for two people sure makes it go faster. I had my husband do most of the heavy-lifting, but I’m confident I could do the work if left alone.

Some of the pieces, like the back of the chair, are heavy and can be difficult to align on your own, but everything clicks together easily, and there’s very little that needs to be adjusted. All in all, it took about half an hour to get it looking generally chair-shaped.

As for the adjustability, you can realign the chair however you please. Lumbar support is impeccable, and the flexibility helps incentivize fidgeting outside of the chair. I find myself leaning back and relaxing for once.

The high density foam cushions mold to your body shape, so I feel like I’m being held by the chair rather than merely sitting at my desk. The armrests (which are apparently 4D, presumably transcending space and time as I write my review) are fully customizable, making it easy to readjust them throughout the day when needed. This is especially useful when I need to reposition myself after playing survival games for hours on end.

If you’re like me and you can’t sit in one position the entire day, the Razor Iskur V2 accommodates multiple seating styles thanks to that ingenious adaptive lumbar, which sets the Iskur apart from the competition. Whether you tend to cross your legs or sit on one leg while the other rests on the seat, the adaptive lumbar support will adjust accordingly. You’ll still be comfortable even if you’re sitting at an angle.

The materials feel like real leather, but are made from a synthetic alternative. The impact on the environment is reduced due to zero water, zero waste chemicals, and zero solvents during the production process, which is something I keep an eye out for. I want to be comfortable without drastically harming the environment. However, the packaging the chair arrived in included plastic and foam that couldn’t be recycled.

While the $649.00 price tag is certainly a hefty investment, it’s a worthwhile one. Comfort is worth the mid-range pricing, as is the durability and customization that the Iskur V2 provides. No matter how you sit or fidget, this chair will move with you and adapt to fit your body shape. It’s the most comfortable and adaptive chair I’ve had the pleasure of gaming in, and my back will thank me for using it.

A sample was provided by Razor for the purposes of this review.

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