Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Has Already Improved The «Banana» Hair

Sparking Zero has already seen some big improvements to its visuals.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Has Already Improved The "Banana" Hair

New screenshots posted on the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Japanese website show that big improvements have already been made to fix the "banana" Super Saiyan hair.

It might seem impossible to make a Dragon Ball game that somehow looks better than Dragon Ball FighterZ, but from what we've seen of Sparking Zero so far, it looks like it's trying to take the crown. As great as its visuals are at the moment, it's pretty clear that it's still in development and having work done to it, as there are a number of things that have changed significantly since its reveal.

Perhaps the most infamous example of this is how Goku and Vegeta's hair looks when they transform into their various Super Saiyan forms. Many fans pointed out that the shape and colour made it look like their hair was made of bananas, which caused some uproar and calls for change since Super Saiyan is such an iconic part of Dragon Ball.

In the weeks since the last trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, we've already seen that improvements have been made to the visuals, but it looks like the banana hair complaints are something that Spike Chunsoft is well aware of, as it seems to have been fixed in the most recent build of the game.

As pointed out by Twitter user EpikEpikson1, the latest update to the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Japanese website has provided us with a bunch of updated screenshots that show off the changes that have been made to how Super Saiyan looks. It's most obvious in the screenshot for Super Saiyan 3 Goku, but the colouring and lighting have changed a lot, and the hair no longer looks as yellow as it did in the last trailer.

The Super Saiyan hair isn't the only thing that fans have noticed a visual upgrade for in recent months, as Vegeta's face has also been significantly changed since the game was announced.

Beyond showing off that Sparking Zero is going to look a whole lot better as we see more of it, the new screenshots also seem to confirm that multiple different Super Saiyan hairstyles are going to be available. As pointed out by Twitter user femdas2, the screenshots for Super Saiyan 1 Goku is his Early and Mid forms show that he keeps the iconic fluffy look from Namek, just like he did in the original Budokai Tenkaichi games.

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