Star Trek: Harry Kim Has Joined Starfleet’s Section 31 ( It Could Lead Him to a Dark Place)

By Shaun Corley Published 5 minutes ago

Harry Kim has seemingly joined Starfleet’s Section 31, but the organization may force him to cross lines from which there will be no return.

Star Trek: Harry Kim Has Joined Starfleet's Section 31 (& It Could Lead Him to a Dark Place)


  • Harry Kim appears to have joined Section 31, showing a darker side after his stagnant Starfleet career.
  • Section 31 operates outside the law, engaging in clandestine activities that go against Federation values.
  • Harry may regret his decision as Section 31's actions may force him to cross moral lines with no return.


Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #17!

Star Trek’s Harry Kim has seemingly joined Section 31, and it could lead him down a dark path. For seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, Harry Kim served as the ship’s Operations Officer, but never once received a promotion. However, recent issues of IDW’s flagship Star Trek title have shown Harry’s post-Voyager trajectory, and in issue 17 it becomes apparent he has thrown in with Section 31.

Star Trek #17 is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and drawn by Marcus To. Harry Kim has been monitoring a tense political situation in the Tzenkethi homeworld. The notoriously violent species is building a war fleet, and Sisko and company are trying to deescalate the situation. Harry, along with Ensign Sato, detonates bombs in the Tzenkethi fleet yards, destroying their smaller ships.

Star Trek: Harry Kim Has Joined Starfleet's Section 31 (& It Could Lead Him to a Dark Place)

Clad in all black, Harry Kim has access to sensor-scrambling technology that can elude even the Theseus. Previous issues hinted there was more to Harry’s actions than met the eye, and now fans have their answer.

Section 31 Exposes the Dark Underbelly of the Star Trek Universe

They Seemingly Fly in the Face of Everything the Federation Stands For


Harry’s actions in Star Trek #17 have Section 31 written all over them. Introduced in the sixth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the organization has actually been in existence since the inception of the Federation. Roughly the Federation equivalent of the CIA, Section 31 engages in clandestine activities around the galaxy, always outside the law. Assassinations and sabotage are not off the table when it comes to Section 31, and the organization has eyes and ears all over the galaxy. Thankfully, the average Federation citizen, and many of its officials, are unaware of Section 31’s existence.

Harry’s lack of a promotion throughout Voyager’s journey back to the Alpha Quadrant may explain his decision to join the nefarious Section 31. The book’s current arc, “Glass and Bone,” has openly explored Harry’s disillusionment with Starfleet. His career after returning home nearly stagnated, until he found work in Starfleet Intelligence. Harry is assigned to the Tzenkethi homeworld, an assignment almost equally dangerous as Voyager. Harry has something to prove, and Section 31 might be the way he does it. Harry openly engaged in an act of sabotage on the eve of war.

Is Harry Kim a Good Fit for the Nefarious Section 31?

Harry May Cross Lines There is No Coming Back From

Star Trek: Harry Kim Has Joined Starfleet's Section 31 (& It Could Lead Him to a Dark Place)

Yet Harry may want to think twice about joining Section 31. Harry’s sabotage of the Tzenkethi warfleet did not result in casualties&-it was simply a tactical strike. Later assignments may call for more lethal measures, such as killing public officials or engineering genocidal viruses. Voyager showed Harry as a moral and upright officer, and Section 31 violates all that. It may already be too late for Harry as well, as Section 31 does not take people leaving it. Star Trek’s Harry Kim will no doubt cross lines in Section 31, lines from which there may be no return.

Star Trek #17 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

Star Trek #17 (2024)

Star Trek: Harry Kim Has Joined Starfleet's Section 31 (& It Could Lead Him to a Dark Place)

  • Writer: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
  • Artist: Marcus To
  • Colorist: Lee Loughridge
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Cover Artist: Marcus To
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