Apple TV+’s New Sci-Fi Show Constellation Gets Rotten Tomatoes Score — How Does It Compare To Silo Foundation?

By Ryan Northrup

The Rotten Tomatoes score has arrived for Constellation, the new sci-fi show from Apple TV Plus, as audiences wait for more Silo and Foundation.


  • Constellation has debuted to a Rotten Tomatoes score of 74% with 39 reviews, putting it behind Apple TV Plus' Silo and Foundation.
  • Constellation 's audience score is very high at 90%.
  • Critic reviews take issue with the show's slow pace and plodding mystery, but have mostly praised the lead performances and atmosphere.

Constellation's Rotten Tomatoes' score is here, with critics sharing their thoughts on the new Apple TV Plus sci-fi series. Constellation stars Noomi Rapace as Jo, an astronaut who experiences a disaster while out in space and returns to Earth to find pieces of her life missing. The series continues Apple TV Plus' reputation for big-budget, epic sci-fi storytelling, which includes the likes of Silo and Foundation.

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Following the release of the first three episodes, Constellation has debuted on Rotten Tomatoes at 74% with 39 reviews. This score is likely to fluctuate as more reviews are added, but it puts the show behind both Silo and Foundation. The audience score for Constellation, however, is a major win at 90%. Check out a chart comparing all the scores for the three shows below:


Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score










Constellation's Rotten Tomatoes Score Explained

The Highs And Lows Of Apple TV Plus' New Sci-Fi Show


The Constellation cast features some very talented actors with Rapace, Jonathan Banks, James D'Arcy, and William Catlett, among others, and this is where most of the praise for the show seems to be aimed. Rapace and Banks, in particular, deliver gripping lead performances as the show's central mystery unfolds. As for the mystery itself, episode 1 starts things off at a thrilling pace, but problems start to set in during later episodes.

One of the central sticking points in the Constellation critics' reviews is the show's pace. To some, the mystery is too slow to remain compelling over the course of an entire season. Much of the show's drama stems from one particularly intense event, and reviews suggest a boost in momentum may have been needed to prop up some slow middle episodes. The Constellation ending, too, is cited as a frustrating watch in some reviews for its clear setting up of a prospective season 2.

Despite the complaints, however, reviews seem to mostly agree that the show's tone makes for an interesting blend of science fiction and horror. There's an unsettling aura of suspense that hangs over Jo's story, and if one can remain engaged in the mystery at the show's core, this makes Constellation an engaging watch. While critics' reviews for the new season are more lukewarm than those for Silo and Foundation, the audience score suggests more casual watchers are really enjoying it.

How Apple Has Cemented Itself As The Home For Smart Sci-Fi

Constellation Continues An Impressive Trend


The streaming landscape remains dominated by platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney Plus, but Apple TV Plus has seemingly been growing in popularity and by reputation in recent years. For All Mankind premiered on the service in 2019, and it has since become one of the streamer's longest-running shows. The hit series, which chronicles the space race in an alternate history version of 1969, was among the first big sci-fi hits for the platform.

For All Mankind currently boasts a strong Rotten Tomatoes' critics' score of 93% and an audience score of 82%.

Foundation then hit Apple TV Plus in 2021, bringing author Isaac Asimov's epic science-fiction universe to life to stunning effect. Foundation was actually just renewed for season 3, speaking to Apple's faith in the project. Invasion also released on the streamer in 2021, but this series has arguably struggled to reach the same highs as its peers. The Invasion season 2 reviews, however, suggest the sophomore outing of the alien invasion series has been a big improvement, and it was just recently renewed for a season 3 as well.

Before Constellation, Silo served as the most-recent Apple TV Plus sci-fi hit. The show, which adapts the book series by Hugh Howey, is among the service's most popular offerings, and Silo season 2 is confirmed to be on the way. With so many hit shows on the go and confirmed to return, Apple TV is quickly becoming a must-have service for those interested in science fiction content.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Cast Noomi Rapace , Jonathan Banks , James D'Arcy , Lenn Kudrjawizki , William Catlett , barbara sukowa , Carole Weyers Release Date February 21, 2024 Seasons 1 Streaming Service(s) Apple TV+ Writers Peter Harness Directors michelle maclaren Showrunner Peter Harness Creator(s) Peter Harness

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