Amazon’s New Animated Sitcom Copies A Major Leonard Story From The Big Bang Theory

By Robert Pitman Published 1 minute ago

The Big Bang Theory has given Leonard a pretty depressing backstory, but a new animated Amazon Prime Video show makes this arc even darker.

Amazon's New Animated Sitcom Copies A Major Leonard Story From The Big Bang Theory


  • The new Amazon series, The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, borrows a major plot point from The Big Bang Theory.
  • Both shows explore characters dealing with parental issues, anxiety, and psychological challenges in unique ways.
  • The Amazon series takes the Leonard-inspired storyline to a darker and more serious place than its sitcom counterpart.


Amazon Prime Video has just released a new animated sitcom, and it actually copies a major Leonard story from The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory and the new Amazon show couldn't seem more different, with them featuring entirely different settings, characters, and premises. However, a major storyline from the Amazon series perfectly parallels with an arc from The Big Bang Theory, showing that the two shows are more similar than they may initially seem.

Amazon Prime Video has finally released The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, an all-new series from showrunner and writer Cirocco Dunlap. The series follows two intergalactic doctors, Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech, as they treat the various alien ailments that appear at the titular medical facility. The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxystars major names like Keke Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, Kieran Culkin, and others, with these stars bringing the world of the sci-fi series to life.

Interestingly, this is incredibly similar to the backstory of Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. Leonard's mother in The Big Bang Theory is named Beverly Hofstadter, and she was a psychiatrist who chose not to celebrate Leonard's birthdays as a child or praise his achievements, with this parenting method being based on her scientific theories. Beverly then published her findings in a popular academic paper, with it being believed that Leonard's mom's tests caused him to have problems that lasted into his adulthood.

How The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy Changes TBBT's Leonard Backstory

Amazon's New Animated Sitcom Copies A Major Leonard Story From The Big Bang Theory

Although The Big Bang Theory's Leonard backstory is similar to Klak's backstory in The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, there are some key differences. In the Amazon show, Klak's mother continues profiting off of her anxiety well into Klak's adulthood, with Dr. K becoming a celebrity self-help show host. This means that Klak's issues are on a much bigger stage than Leonard's were in The Big Bang Theory.

On top of that, The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy's handling of this story is much darker. As it turns out, Dr. K actually did experiments on her daughter, cutting into her brain in an attempt to rewire her. This is a pretty gruesome spin on Leonard's The Big Bang Theory backstory, with Amazon handling the arc much more seriously.

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