Yoko Taro Reportedly Teases Nier 3 At Concert

Nier fans think that the ongoing concert tour is teasing the next game, with Yoko Taro reportedly mentioning Nier 3 himself on stage.

Yoko Taro Reportedly Teases Nier 3 At Concert

Game director Yoko Taro may have just teased a new Nier game, as fans say that the ongoing Nier music concert is heavily hinting at a sequel announcement. One attendee even says that Taro himself took to the stage at the London show, telling fans to cheer if they want Nier 3.

These anecdotes come from the ongoing Nier: Orchestra Concert, which is still touring around the world. One of its most recent shows took place in London, which is where Taro is said to have mentioned a new Nier game. Attendees at other European shows also believe that a sequel is being teased, and we might already know what it will be called — Nier: Repent.

One of the most thorough accounts of the show comes from ResetEra user SanTheSly. "Yoko Taro took the stage at the end, told the audience that the Square Enix president was in the crowd and that if we wanted an Automata sequel to give the loudest applause of the night," says SanTheSly. "The room immediately erupted into claps, cheers and yells."

They also say that the word "REPENT" could be seen on screen frequently, finally turning into, "R3PENT". This seems to be a pretty strong hint that the next game could be called Nier 3: Repent.

Another ResetEra user, AllEchse, says that they saw the same "R3PENT" wording used at the show in Germany. Twitter user @Calidade_ESP also adds that this was spotted in the Spanish show, indicating that it's a graphic being used throughout the concert.

Even if Taro isn't taking to the stage at every show to ask fans to cheer if they want a sequel, it certainly seems that the concert tour is teasing Nier 3 through this use of the word "Repent". This wouldn't be too surprising, since there hasn't been a full Nier sequel since Nier: Automata in 2017. Since then, we've gotten an upgrade of the original game, Nier Replicant, which launched in 2021. That's enough time for a third game to at least enter development, even if there isn't much to show off just yet.

We'll have to see if Taro ramps up his sequel teases as the concert continues. The Paris show wrapped up yesterday, and its next stop will be Bangkok on March 16, before coming to the US later in the month.

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