Xbox Reveals Custom Palworld Console and 4 Controllers

Pocket Pair is teaming up with Microsoft for a giveaway of a stunning custom Palworld Xbox console, complete with 4 controllers.


  •  Microsoft unveils a beautiful Xbox Series S console based on Palworld, also featuring four controllers based on Pals like Pengullet and Grizzbolt.
  •  The console is being featured in Microsoft’s newest Xbox giveaway, giving fans the chance to win the exclusive Palworld console.
  •  Following Palworld’s early success, Pocket Pair has teased plenty more in store for the game, including PvP, raid battles, and potential new Pals.

Microsoft has officially revealed a stunning custom Xbox Series S console based on Palworld, showing off 4 controllers and revealing a giveaway for the console. Microsoft’s gaming brand regularly features giveaways for beautiful custom consoles inspired by some of its most popular games. Microsoft has previously given away exclusive consoles for games like Party Animals and Diablo 2 Remastered, giving fans a chance to win a special piece of Xbox merchandise. Now, the newest giveaway from the Xbox developer is highlighting one of 2024’s most popular games.

Palworld took the gaming world by storm following its release, with the newest title from indie developer Pocket Pair catching on quickly. The game’s unique premise, combining monster-catching games with elements of survival games, was a smash hit among fans with the game already amassing tens of millions of downloads. Palworld would feature a Day 1 launch on Game Pass as well, giving fans on Xbox an opportunity to try out the smash-hit game immediately. Now, Pocket Pair is teaming up with Microsoft to give away an exclusive Palworld-themed Xbox.


An ingenious Palworld player manages to build an impressive multi-level stone base inside the volcano in Mount Obsidian’s region.

A new post to Xbox’s official Twitter account reveals the gorgeous Xbox Series S console along with four matching controllers. The console features the game’s main key visual plastered across the front, featuring multiple popular Pals like Grizzbolt and Mammorest. The console giveaway comes with four controllers showcasing designs based on different Pals, including a blue Pengullet controller and a pink Cattiva controller. Fans can enter the giveaway by following Xbox and re-tweeting the post with a giveaway-specific hashtag, with fans also able to win 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Giving Away Custom Palworld Xbox Series S

The exclusive Palworld Xbox giveaway comes as the game has been a roaring success following its debut just over a month ago. Within less than two weeks of the game’s launch, Palworld reported more than 19 million players across the game’s PC and Xbox versions. In the days following its release, Palworld would also regularly sit among the highest concurrent player counts for paid games on Steam, beating beloved games like Elden Ring and Baldur’s Gate 3. While the game’s concurrent player counts have dwindled, Palworld continues to boast hundreds of thousands of active players on Steam.

An Xbox Series S console and controller set against a blurred image of Palworld's key visual.

Palworld‘s overwhelming popularity has many fans looking towards the future of the game, with plenty reportedly in store from Pocket Pair. The developer’s first major content roadmap teased PvP content, raid battles, and crossplay to come in the first major updates for the game. Fans have also speculated that new Pals may be coming to Palworld in a future update, based on unreleased Pals spotted in the game’s promotional material. Palworld‘s newest Xbox giveaway gives fans the chance to snag some exclusive merch based on the mega-popular game.

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