Xbox Is Giving Away A One Of A Kind Palworld Series S With Matching Controllers

More unique controllers that would almost certainly sell like hotcakes if they went on sale.

Xbox Is Giving Away A One Of A Kind Palworld Series S With Matching Controllers

2024 has already been filled with Game of the Year contenders. Between Infinite Wealth, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in a few days, two months into the year those top tens are already filling up. It's also already been a great year for unexpected hits, Palworld topping that particular pile. The Pal-filled survival game has been such a huge success for Xbox, the console creator is giving away a Palworld-themed Series S to celebrate.

The usually-white console has had a Palworld coat of paint applied, inspired by the key art for the game which depicts two groups of Pals standing face-to-face, about to clash with the game's logo in the middle. It looks pretty great, but the best thing about this giveaway is the controllers that come with it&four of them, each one a different color with a matching Pal on its grip. The controllers are yellow, blue, pink, and green with Grizzbolt, Mammorest, Pengullet, and Cattavia on them respectively.

The sweepstake winner will also get three months of Game Pass meaning you'll be able to start playing Palworld right away.

The only caveat is this is a console money can't buy. Only one of them exists — and one each of its four controllers — and you will need to enter and win its sweepstakes should you want to be in a chance to enter. The competition is open now and will run until 8 pm PT on March 17, 2024. All you need to do to enter is make sure you're following the official Xbox account on Twitter and retweet the Palworld Series S post below.

There are a couple of caveats. Although not US-only, you do need to be living in an Xbox Live-supported country to be eligible for entry in the competition. You also need to be 18 or older, or if you live in a country where the age of majority is older than 18, you will need permission from a parent or guardian to enter. You can only enter the competition once, and the winner will be notified within seven days of the sweepstake ending on March 17.

Xbox has made a habit of giving away one-of-a-kind consoles and controllers this generation. Somewhere out there right now is a Bluey Series X and fluffy red and blue Sonic and Knuckles Xbox controllers. Both examples of products that would have likely sold pretty well had they been mass-produced. Despite Palworld's popularity — 25 million players in its first month across Game Pass and PC — I'm not sure this newest unique Series S would do that well if it went on sale. The controllers, however, would almost certainly be very popular.

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