Veronica Mars’ Future After Hulu Revival Gets Disappointing Update From OG Star

By Rachel Ulatowski Published 2 minutes ago

Veronica Mars star Ryan Hansen gives a disappointing update on the show’s future after its Hulu revival and controversial season 4 ending.

Veronica Mars' Future After Hulu Revival Gets Disappointing Update From OG Star


  • Veronica Mars fans may be disappointed as the future of the show remains uncertain despite the cast's willingness to return for more seasons.
  • Hulu revived the show for season 4 after a successful Kickstarter for a movie continuation, but there are no current plans for further seasons.
  • Ryan Hansen remains hopeful to do more, even expressing a desire to see Dick's controversial season 4 death reversed, if it's done with a meaningful twist.


Veronica Mars star Ryan Hansen provides a disappointing update on the show's future after its Hulu revival. The teen noir drama series first debuted on The UPN before The CW succeeded the network. It followed Kristen Bell's titular popular high school student who became intrigued by her father's detective business after experiencing a personal tragedy. Soon, she became quite the investigator in the fictional California town of Neptune. Despite garnering critical acclaim, the show was canceled after season 3, with Hulu reviving the show for season 4, but seemingly doesn't have plans for further seasons.

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Hansen gave a disappointing update on Veronica Mars' future. He explained that the cast was "game to do" more but that he truly didn't know of any plans for future seasons. Additionally, he acknowledged some fans were unhappy with the controversial death in season 4. Hansen is holding out hope that there's a way to undo the death, but he doesn't have any confirmed updates on the show's future. Check out his statement below:

Everyone's game is to do it. I love playing Dick. I think the fans were bummed by how that season ended [with Logan's death]. If there's a twist on how that could be reversed, I don't know. Maybe not, I don't know. I honestly don't know. I think it would do it.

What Happened to Veronica Mars?

Veronica Mars' Future After Hulu Revival Gets Disappointing Update From OG Star

It's difficult to predict Veronica Mars' future, given its complicated history. While Hulu doesn't appear to be interested in continuing the series, the show's revival and extremely devoted fanbase means anything is possible. During the show's network run, it received high praise from critics and even nabbed a few accolades. It was notable for its phenomenal cast, storylines, and surprising depth for a teen show. Unfortunately, it was a niche show on a lesser-known network, meaning its ratings didn't reflect its quality.

However, viewers never forgot Veronica Mars. They were very excited when creator Rob Thomas wrote a movie script to continue the show, though studios weren't interested in picking it up. Hence, Thomas decided to crowdsource with Kickstarter, and fans ensured the fundraiser reached its $2 million goal in hours, allowing the 2014 Veronica Mars movie to become a reality. No doubt impressed by the fundraising and fanfare over the movie, Hulu decided to revive the series with a fourth season.

The revival season brought back Bell, Hansen, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, and more. Despite Dick's controversial death, Veronica Mars season 4 was well-received among critics, who felt the season captured the magic of the original. There were some discussions of further seasons, hence raising surprise when Hulu announced there were no plans to continue the show. The streamer argued that it had provided a cohesive narrative and that season 4 elevated the three seasons already streaming. However, with the cast remaining open to more Veronica Mars, perhaps the show isn't as firmly concluded as Hulu expressed.

All four seasons of Veronica Mars are available to stream on Hulu.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Cast Kristen Bell , Jason Dohring , Enrico Colantoni , Percy Daggs III , Francis Capra , Ryan Hansen , Teddy Dunn , Sydney Tamiia Poitier , Tessa Thompson , Kyle Gallner , Christopher Lowell , Tina Majorino Release Date September 22, 2004 Seasons 4 Network The CW Streaming Service(s) Hulu Writers Rob Thomas , Phil Klemmer Directors John T. Kretchmer , Nick Mark , Michael Fields Showrunner Rob Thomas

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