Undead Unluck Episode #21 Release Date Time

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Undead Unluck episode #20 sets up an appropriately bizarre take on a training arc, and here’s everything about when episode #21 will follow it up.

Undead Unluck Episode #21 Release Date & Time


  • Undead Unluck episode #21 is set to premiere on Friday, March 1.
  • Undead Unluck episode #20 sets up a training arc for Fuuko and Andy, so they can become strong enough to deal with Autumn.
  • Fuuko is apparently going to die in the future, but the current events of the story are bound to deal with that.


Undead Unluck episode #21 is going to go through its own training arc, and considering the episode preview, it's going to be filled with plenty of tragic reveals. It's the perfect thing to throw in as the anime reaches its conclusion, and the anticipation for episode #21 couldn't be higher.

What Time Undead Unluck Episode #21 Releases

Produced by David Productions, based on the original manga by Yoshifumi Tozuka

Undead Unluck Episode #21 Release Date & Time

As with previous episodes, Undead Unluck is released exclusively on Hulu, which can be accessed through the website and the app. Assuming that there are no delays, Undead Unluck episode #21 should premiere on Friday, March 1, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (PST) and 2:00 PM Eastern (EST) in the United States and at 7:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the United Kingdom.

What Happened In Undead Unluck Episode 20?

In an attempt to track down Anno Un, Andy and Fuuko end up in another messy situation

Undead Unluck Episode #21 Release Date & Time

In Undead Unluck episode #20, "Anno Un", Fuuko and Andy arrive in Canada and meet Anno Un, the mysterious author of To You, From Me who can bring drawings to life. However, before they could get Anno to explain anything about his manga, Fuuko and Andy discovered that UMA Autumn had appeared and was using its spider-like Juniors to turn people into books. All of their attacks proved to be ineffective, but surprisingly, Anno Un, after mimicking Andy’s abilities, used an attack even stronger than Andy’s best attack that allowed them to escape.

After escaping from Autumn, Anno told Fuuko and Andy that they needed to understand themselves better if they wanted to be strong enough to defeat Autumn. To that end, Anno recreated Autumn’s claw, and therefore its power, and turned Andy into a book. Due to the long life Andy has lived, his book ascended into space. How this turn of events was supposed to help Fuuko and Andy gain a better understanding of Andy is unclear, but it will likely let Fuuko view Andy's past in some way, including some of the things he did when he was still Victor.

Undead Unluck Sets Up Another Ticking Clock For Fuuko

The protagnosit's grim fate was hinted at once more in episode 20

Undead Unluck Episode #21 Release Date & Time

While the main focus of Undead Unluck's latest arc has been the conflict with Autumn, episode #20 also established that Fuuko is once again running on limited time. In the cold open to episode #20, it’s revealed that Fuuko is going to be killed by Unseen in the battle against Autumn, with Anno being the only one who knows this. Fuuko is once again in a situation where she's close to death, but the upcoming training arc is bound to help prevent that, and seeing how that plays out will make Undead Unluck episode #21 all the more exciting.

Be sure to watch Undead Unluck episode #21 when it releases on March 1.

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