Tomb Raider’s Upcoming RPG Has You Defending Artifacts In The Name Of Lara Croft

Protect precious artifacts from falling into the wrong hands in this upcoming Tomb Raider tabletop RPG.

Tomb Raider's Upcoming RPG Has You Defending Artifacts In The Name Of Lara Croft

Tomb Raider has been around long enough that what was originally a video game has been spun off in various directions. There are movies, books, and even a board game. In 2025, a tabletop roleplaying game will be added to that list. Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth will make you a contemporary of the iconic Lara Croft as you and your friends are tasked with protecting precious artifacts from anyone trying to steal them.

Officially affiliated with the creators of the Tomb Raider video games, Shadows of Truth comes courtesy of tabletop stalwarts Evil Hat, the same company behind popular tabletop adventures such as Blades in the Dark and Fate Condensed (thanks, GamesRadar). Just like the video games, you are tasked with exploring tombs and discovering hidden items of great value. However, most of the danger you encounter will be from others exploring those same tombs for more nefarious reasons.

You can currently get 20 percent off all games through the Evil Hat website from now through March 31, 2024, to celebrate the reveal of Shadows of Truth by entering the code ENTERTHETOMB at checkout.

Built for anywhere between three and six players, you'll work together after choosing what traits will define your individual character. There are seven classes to choose from, including Crafter and Scholar, and the details on each character sheet will determine how your own unique journey unfolds. The character sheets will be a part of the hardcover book you'll need to embark on your adventures, rules and advice filling its pages.

The only downside is it will likely be a long time until you can try Shadows of Truth out for yourselves. Crowdfunding for the project isn't expected to begin until 2025, which means the RPG likely won't ship until later that year at the earliest. The silver lining is there's a playtest coming soon. A chance for Tomb Raider fans to be among the first in the world to play the game while giving Evil Hat the chance to iron out any issues before moving forward with mass production.

There's plenty to keep you busy for the time being on the Tomb Raider front though, even if you aren't picked to be a part of Shadows of Truth's playtest. The remastered collection of the original trilogy is only a little more than a week old. Although it got a little lost amid other big releases, I'm yet to hear anything negative about it so far. There are also already rumblings of a follow-up remastered collection being in the works.

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