Tomb Raider Fans Are Begging For An Angel Of Darkness Remaster

After the remastered trilogy, Tomb Raider fans really want Angel of Darkness to get a second chance.

Tomb Raider Fans Are Begging For An Angel Of Darkness Remaster

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is often considered to be the lowest point of the series. It was such a failure that two planned sequels were cancelled, and the development of the series was handed over from Core Design to Crystal Dynamics.

Despite this, some have fond memories of the game and believe that it deserves a second chance. Fans of the series are calling for Angel of Darkness to get the same re-release treatment of the classic Tomb Raider games, rather than getting skipped in any future remaster collections.

Online, Tomb Raider fans are making their desire for an Angel of Darkness remaster known, making it clear that the black sheep of the Core-era has its own, dedicated following.

Fans are also asking the publisher for an Angel of Darkness remaster or remake over on the official TikTok. But as we reported yesterday, others are keen to get a full remake of the original three games, so it seems like the fanbase is eager to see more of classic Lara Croft in general.

Angel of Darkness may have its defenders all these years later, but at the time, it was a disaster for Core Design. It was a critical failure, now sitting at a 52 on Metacritic, as it was panned for its bugs and unresponsive controls. Future Tomb Raider games were handed off to Crystal Dynamics, who rebooted the series, giving us Tomb Raider: Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld.

This renewed interest in Angel of Darkness all comes after the launch of Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered, a collection featuring remasters of the first three games in the series. Met with mostly positive reviews, we're yet to see if this translates into sales. If it does, then we can probably expect to see more remasters of games released in the Core-era — possibly even Angle of Darkness. At the very least, the Remastered trilogy hints that a remaster of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation is in the works, and it would make sense to bundle it with the following two games: Chronicles and Angel of Darkness.

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