Phaedra Parks Reaches Icon Status On The Traitors Season 2 With This Brilliant Move

By Cher Thompson Published 1 day ago

The Traitors season 2 has put Phaedra Parks into a brand new environment fans are calling her an icon after her most recent round table performance.

Phaedra Parks Reaches Icon Status On The Traitors Season 2 With This Brilliant Move


  • Phaedra Parks proves herself an iconic Traitor in The Traitors season 2 with her sharp tongue and quick wit.
  • Fans are thrilled by Phaedra's stellar gameplay, especially during intense round table moments on the show.
  • Despite uncertain fate in the finals, Phaedra's skills shine bright, making her presence exciting for fans of the series.


The Traitors season 2’s last original Traitor Phaedra Parks is in hot water, but her performance at the most recent round table made it clear to viewers that she’s an icon. Phaedra, who began the series as a Traitor with Big Brother legend Dan Gheesling and Survivor champion Parvati Shallow, is the only original Traitor left standing. Having recruited Below Deck star Kate Chastain to the Traitors turret in the most recent episode, Phaedra has found herself in trouble after being thrown under the bus several times, but after her performance in the most recent round table, she’s become iconic.

Fans were thrilled to see Phaedra take down Peter Weber during the most recent round table, a moment that’s been teased throughout The Traitors season 2. On Reddit, fans like u/sng94 explained, “Phaedra’s speech tonight is ICONIC. She gagged and gooped Peter. He was pissed…Emmy for Phaedra immediately.” Others chimed in, sharing the sentiment. “I am dropped at how no one can step to her, she will set them ablaze and do it with a confidence that leaves the room stunned wow,” u/AnswerCompetitive127 explained. “Bravo fans know this is the Phaedra we expected and she is DELIVERING,” u/LynneCurtinCuffs added.

Phaedra Parks’ Traitors Gameplay Explained


While Phaedra is well known in the Bravo universe for her sharp tongue and quick wit, her time on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Married To Medicine couldn’t have prepared her for her experience on The Traitors season 2. Phaedra has been able to be duplicitous, lying to people’s faces and stabbing them in the back in the dead of night. While Phaedra was a less obvious choice for Traitor, her qualities and skills have made her an incredible asset in the game. Throughout the season, she’s been able to work her way through the Faithful in disguise.

While Phaedra’s gameplay has been celebrated by fans of The Traitors, many have been impressed specifically by the way she performs at round tables. In several round tables, Phaedra has proven that she’s able to defend herself by making a quick argument to get herself out of a bad spot. While it’s worked throughout the season, with the number of people in the castle dwindling and cast members coming after her, it’s very possible that Phaedra could be the person banished at the round table. Many hope that her quick, intelligent response will be able to save her once again.

Though Phaedra may lose out on the finals on The Traitors season 2, her incredible skills have been a dream to watch throughout the season. With another episode before the finale of the season, it’s a toss up whether Phaedra will wind up being able to make it through the round table and the day ahead or if she’ll fall short of the prize. Regardless of the outcome, watching her compete on The Traitors season 2 has been exciting for fans of both Phaedra and the series.

The Traitors season 2 airs episodes weekly each Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

Sources: u/sng94/Reddit, Peacock/Instagram

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