MultiVersus’ McDonald’s Crossover Is Finally Coming To The US In March

Surely March is when we finally get a proper MultiVersus update?

MultiVersus' McDonald's Crossover Is Finally Coming To The US In March

MultiVersus' collaboration with McDonald's, which was previously exclusive to specific European countries, is finally coming to the US and other areas in March, making an announcement about the relaunch seem incredibly likely.

Although MultiVersus fans know that an announcement about the long-awaited relaunch is on the way at some point in 2024, the wait has been pretty brutal, especially with barely anything official to go off of beyond some comments from developers and promises that something is on the way.

That has left the community clinging on for dear life to the few official things we've gotten over the past year. The biggest of these is the collaboration with McDonald's, which was rumoured for some time and then randomly started popping up in Europe back in January. The Maccies collab seemed like it might be hinting at bigger things coming but, beyond some new renders for characters, it didn't end up making a splash.

Even though the more limited run of MultiVersus toys in Happy Meals didn't deliver us to MultiVersus news like we were all hoping it would, many assumed that was because it was only in Europe and didn't end up being advertised at all. That might be about to change, however, as the collaboration has been spotted on the McDonald's website and is coming to the US and Canada in March.

Over on Twitter, several MultiVersus fans shared evidence that the collaboration is incoming, such as Twitter user porkmvs, who showcased the new Happy Meal design and cardboard masks that come with the meal. MultiVersus is also confirmed to be coming to the US on the McDonald's website, revealing that the same tins that were in Europe will be showing up there as well.

We currently don't know if the MultiVersus collaboration is coming to the UK at any point, but even if it does I wouldn't expect those glorious tins to come with it since we usually get much simpler toys.

Although this isn't concrete proof that MultiVersus news is coming in March, it would make a lot of sense for that to happen if the collaboration is coming to more McDonald's branches and more eyes are being put on the game. We already know that MultiVersus is aiming to be relaunched in "early 2024", so it seems that the stars are aligning for some kind of announcement.

If nothing else, we can at least take some comfort in the fact that Warner Bros. hasn't completely forgotten about the game and seemingly has some plans in place for it still. Considering the recent failure of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, that's definitely comforting to know.

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