Kevin Costner’s New Western Risks Repeating His Historic $264 Million Flop 19 Years Later

By Greg MacArthur Published 2 days ago

Kevin Costner’s first 2 Horizon movies are set to release this summer in an unusual back-to-back theatrical rollout that runs the risk of backfiring.

Kevin Costner's New Western Risks Repeating His Historic $264 Million Flop 19 Years Later


  • Costner's Horizon: An American Saga faces financial risks similar to his past film Waterworld due to massive budgets and possible financing problems.
  • The unorthodox release plan for the Horizon franchise could be a gamble, with two films coming out close together risking audience interest and box office success.
  • Despite Costner's directorial success, leaving Yellowstone for the Horizon franchise poses a major risk, with the first movie set for release on June 28, 2024.


Kevin Costner's new Western movie Horizon: An American Saga runs the risk of repeating a massive box office flop from nearly two decades ago. After his dramatic exit from Yellowstone with only six episodes yet to air in its final season, Costner reallocated his time and resources to his anticipated Horizon franchise, which is set to release in two parts over the summer of 2024. Horizon: An American Saga will mark Costner's first directorial effort since 2003's Western epic Open Range.

As a director, Costner has found praise and acclaim that few can call their own. His directorial debut, Dances with Wolves (1990), won an astounding 7 Academy Awards from 12 nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. It's surprising that Costner has only directed two other films in the 34 years since Dances with Wolves. Even with his impressive accolades, Costner's Horizon franchise presents a major risk considering that he left behind his celebrated Yellowstone franchise for it. Horizon will be released on June 28, 2024, while Horizon: Chapter 2 is expected to come out on August 16, 2024.

Kevin Costner's Horizon Release Plan Makes The Franchise A Bigger Risk

Kevin Costner's New Western Risks Repeating His Historic $264 Million Flop 19 Years Later

Horizon's unorthodox release plan makes more sense for television and streaming but is rarely ever done in wide theatrical movie releases. With two feature films already done that come out just a few months apart, the question remains whether there will really be a large enough audience for them both. If the first Horizon movie fails to impress at the box office, it's hard to believe that Horizon 2 would do much better. Costner's risky approach with his Horizon franchise could pay off in unprecedented ways but could also trip on its own feet.

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