John Wick Franchise Getting New Streaming Home

By Grant Hermanns Published 1 day ago

The John Wick franchise is officially getting a new streaming home after enjoying plenty of viewership success on Netflix in prior years.

John Wick Franchise Getting New Streaming Home


  • The John Wick franchise is moving to Peacock from Netflix, with all four movies set to stream on March 31.
  • The franchise's success on Netflix and at the box office could bring new subscribers to Peacock.
  • Peacock has recently enjoyed major streaming success with the additions of Oppenheimer, The Super Mario Gros. Movie and the Harry Potter franchise.


After years of enjoying success on Netflix, the John Wick franchise is moving to a new streaming home. The Keanu Reeves-led action movie series has been one of the genre's most influential and acclaimed properties in the near decade since it launched, inspiring a wide variety of movies and spawning a series of sequels and spinoffs. The franchise's first big screen spinoff, Ballerina, recently saw its release date delayed from June 2024 to a full year later in an effort to reshape the movie with additional photography. has now brought word that the John Wick franchise will be changing its streaming home to Peacock. The action series had previously made a home for itself on Netflix, where it frequently found its way into the streamer's Top 10 charts both globally and domestically. All four John Wick movies are set to begin streaming on the NBCUniversal platform on March 31, one day after they leave Netflix.

John Wick's Streaming Change Could Be Huge For Peacock


Interestingly, the John Wick movies' impending arrival on Peacock isn't the first time the franchise has made its way to the NBCUniversal streamer. The series' first spinoff, The Continental, was originally intended to run on the cable network Starz before shifting to its streaming-only release, with all three parts premiering across three weeks on the platform. But with the full franchise now about to be available on the service, Peacock could see yet another major leap in the so-called streaming war.

The platform has slowly established itself as a solid contender with the addition of such high-profile franchises as the Harry Potter movies, which previously had a home on the WarnerMedia platform, Max. More recently, however, the streamer has begun making a bigger name for itself with the additions of 2023's The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Oppenheimer, which were the second and third-highest grossing movies of the year. Both movies also went on to set major streaming records for Peacock, the latter of which beat the landmark set by the former.

With the John Wick movies often enjoying success on Netflix as much as they did on the big screen, their addition to Peacock could prove very beneficial for the platform in bringing in new subscribers. A further bump in their respective popularity on the steamer would also go a long way to helping secure the franchise's future on screen beyond Ballerina. Talks have swirled about a potential John Wick 5, with Lionsgate keen to make another, while Reeves and director Chad Stahelski have been more reluctant in order to not undermine Chapter 4's emotional ending.

The John Wick franchise begins streaming in full on Peacock on March 31.


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