Gregory’s Gardening Obsession In Abbott Elementary Has A Much Deeper Meaning

By Aleena Malik Published 1 minute ago

Gregory has expressed a deep love for gardening in Abbott Elementary, and this passion has a much deeper meaning than viewers might have known.

Gregory’s Gardening Obsession In Abbott Elementary Has A Much Deeper Meaning


  • Gregory's love for gardening in Abbott Elementary challenges stereotypes and provides important representation for Black men.
  • Gardening symbolizes Gregory's character growth in the show, representing his pride in nurturing both plants and students.
  • The popular sitcom uses gardening to showcase Gregory's journey of self-discovery and role as a positive male figure for young viewers.


One of the defining elements of Abbott Elementary is Gregory's love for gardening, and it actually has a much deeper meaning than viewers may have caught on to. Premiering in 2021, Abbott Elementary has become one of the most popular sitcoms on television today. Abbott Elementary's cast of characters, which includes dedicated, and passionate teachers coupled with an eccentric principal who has unconventional ways of doing her job, have made the show incredibly memorable and comedic to watch.

Season 3 of Abbott Elementary was highly-anticipated, as viewers were eager to learn what was going on in the lives of the characters. Abbott Elementary's Gregory Eddie and his relationship with Janine Teagues, in particular, was a hot topic before the premiere of the third season. Gregory quickly became a fan-favorite character since his season 1 debut, and one of his biggest hobbies is way more meaningful than audiences may have expected.

Gregory's Love For Gardening Is Great Representation In Abbott Elementary


In an interview with Ebony, Tyler James Williams explained that growing up in New York, he never really got the chance to see gardens or spaces of that nature. When he got older, he realized that gardening brought him a lot of joy, and that pastime is often seen as something that is reserved for the affluent. Williams further shared that people tend to think of "grandmas or aunties", but Black men garden too.

Having Gregory be a Black man who unapologetically enjoys and is passionate about gardening helps to combat this stereotype. It helps bring this important representation to life and challenges the notion that gardening is only for one type of person. In addition, Abbott Elementary is a huge television show with millions of viewers. Seeing a Black man, so happily gardening will help young Black boys know that this is a pastime that they, too, can pursue and give them another role model to look up to.

Abbott Elementary Uses Gardening As A Symbol For Gregory's Character Growth

Gregory’s Gardening Obsession In Abbott Elementary Has A Much Deeper Meaning

Abbott Elementary not only uses gardening as a tool for representation, but also as symbolism for Gregory's character growth. Gregory's dad owned a landscaping business that he took over from his own father. Because he spent so much time gardening as a child, Gregory could not stand the activity at the beginning of the show. As he began to become more comfortable at Abbott Elementary, with his students, and with Janine, Gregory began to garden once again. He grew into his role and into himself more, allowing him to revisit something that played a large role in his childhood.

Gardening also represents how Gregory takes pride in watching things grow and cultivating their development. Just like Gregory carefully tends to his plants at Abbott Elementary, he does the same with his students. He takes pride in investing in them and seeing them rise to their fullest potential, which is a similar sense of satisfaction in gardening.

Source: Ebony

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