Early Spider-Man 2 Story Script Leaks, Doesn’t Include Kraven

An early draft of Spider-Man 2’s story has leaked, and it’s very different from the final release.

Early Spider-Man 2 Story Script Leaks, Doesn't Include Kraven

An early version of Spider-Man 2's script has leaked online, showcasing a very different story that seemingly didn't include Kraven the Hunter at all.

Although it's been nearly three months since the Insomniac hacks (which were done by a group Rhysidia) originally took place and leaked information about the studio's future plans and development details for some of its recent releases, it seems that details are still being shared around from it. Last week an early version of a Wolverine gameplay trailer was shared, while this week saw an early version of Spider-Man 2's script leak out.

The script, which was originally shared on Reddit, features a lot of the same beats as the final game, but focuses a lot more heavily on Venom, Harry, and the Symbiote. Peter still gets the Symbiote suit and has it take over him for a while (fixing a consistent shoulder injury that is mentioned throughout the script) but it seems to disappear from the story relatively quickly after a confrontation and battle with Miles.

Another change that's made to the script is Harry's fate, as it's revealed in the ending that Peter actually has to kill him to save the world, instead of putting him into a comatose state like he does in the final game. A lot of the game's ending is different in this script, with no mention or hint towards Silk, and Peter seemingly not retiring as Spider-Man. MJ also has a bit more of a focus in the story, tracking down Wraith and Carnage in her own playable sections.

Peter also has an interesting interaction with Doc Ock that isn't present in the final game, as he only appears as part of the post-credits scene.

Interestingly, it doesn't seem like Kraven the Hunter was originally going to be a part of Spider-Man 2 at all, as he's not mentioned in the script anywhere. Even Carnage has more of a proper presence in the main story (as opposed to being a side mission that can basically be ignored in the final game), making it seem like he was a bit of a late introduction overall. Instead, we have a lot of mentions of The Hood, who seems to take his place in this version of the story.

Although some of the ideas presented in the early Spider-Man 2 script are pretty interesting, there are some things that are noticeably worse, such as Miles having much less of a presence overall and seemingly not interacting with Mr Negative as much as he does in the final game. As different as the two versions are from one another, it's hard to argue that we didn't end up getting a better story than the rough ideas that are presented here.

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