Don’t Miss Your Chance To Get A Free Jetragon In Palworld

By Garrett Ettinger Published 1 day ago

Though Jetragon is one of the best flying Pals in the entire game, capturing one doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here’s an easy method to capture one.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Get A Free Jetragon In Palworld


  • Jetragon, a Level 50 Alpha Pal, is one of the best flying mounts in Palworld , but it's not easy to catch without the right strategy.
  • A Reddit user shared a trick involving falling off a cliff to lure Jetragon and cause massive fall damage, but it may not work every time.
  • Another method involves freezing Jetragon with an Ice Pal and using a Grenade Launcher to push it off a cliff to damage it, which may be more reliable.


Although by this point, most people know that Jetragon is one of the best Pals and flying mounts in Palworld, just knowing this fact doesn't make catching one any easier. As a Level 50 Alpha Pal found next to Mount Obsidian in the volcanic regions of the game, it'll require around level 30 to even craft the pre-requisite gear required to travel to the location. Once there, however, under-leveled characters will still have a hard time facing off against the imposing dragon.

That said, there is an easier way to go about things, and sometimes, trying to barrel straight through an obstacle rather than going around it can create unnecessary friction that doesn't need to exist. As it turns out, capturing Jetragon in Palworld may be one time this example holds true, at least according to those who have successfully implemented the technique.

Jetragon Is Easy To Catch With The Right Strategy

May Be Patched In The Future

Don't Miss Your Chance To Get A Free Jetragon In Palworld

Reddit user u/JT_Scout_Photography shows how easy it is to catch a Jetdragon in the wild. In the clip, they simply throw a Pal Sphere at the back of it, then run off a cliff for the Jetragon to follow, causing massive fall damage on the way down. Even though the Pal is the fastest flying mount in the game, falling off a cliff inexplicably causes it to become damaged.

The trick, while it looks pretty simplistic to pull off, might actually be harder than the video depicts. When attempted, it's more than likely the Pal might not follow the character down, so it's necessary to stay close enough for it to initiate a lunging attack off the cliff and down to the ground. It may require a few attempts and Pals that are at a low level may get one shot.

A more reliable method would be to freeze Jetragon using an Ice Pal, then use something like Mossanda's Grenadier Panda Partner Skill to forcibly push the level 50 Alpha off the cliff to damage it. Though it's not as cheap as just luring the Pal off the cliff, those who can't get the first method depicted by the Redditor can try that method instead.

Where To Find A Jetragon In Palworld

A Level 50 Alpha Pal


Jetragon is one of the rarest Pals in Palworld and can only be found in one location to the northwest of the tip of Mount Obsidian, next to the Beach of the Everlasting Summer teleport at around -780, -322. Jetragon, luckily, has a massive icon that most will have a hard time missing, so finding the actual Pal isn't hard at all as long as one has a flying mount.

Again, the area isn't hospitable to most, with heat-resistant armor and clothing required to take on the high temps. Those that are too low of a level to craft the required gear should probably park the mission for a later date when they are more powerful enough to take on one of the best flying Pals in Palworld.

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