Disney Holding Back 4K Remasters Of Fox Movies Is Part Of A Much Bigger Problem

By Aleena Malik Published 1 minute ago

Disney has made the decision to hold back 4K remasters of Fox movies, and it’s a sign of a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Disney Holding Back 4K Remasters Of Fox Movies Is Part Of A Much Bigger Problem


  • Disney's decision to hold back 4K remasters of Fox movies reflects a larger issue with streaming industry availability.
  • Streaming platforms remove content to cut costs, leading to a scarcity of older material online.
  • Physical media is regaining importance as content shifts between platforms, emphasizing the value of ownership.


Disney making the decision to hold back on releasing 4K remasters of Fox movies is actually part of a much bigger problem with the streaming industry. Disney has become one of the biggest entertainment powerhouses, thanks to their own lineup of incredibly well-known content, as well as the acquisitions of multiple media companies. In 2019, for example, Disney purchased 21st Century Fox, which enabled them to take control of a massive catalog of movies and TV shows. 20 classic titles from that Fox catalog have been remastered in 4K, but Disney is not planning on releasing them anywhere.

This means that there will not be a video on demand release, a Disney+ release, or a physical media release. Instead, Disney has chosen to partner with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to handle Disney's future physical media releases. This coincides with Disney's decision to shut down Disney Movie Club, which was their subscription-based service that allowed members to purchase physical copies of films within the Disney library. While it's easy to assume that there is no longer a huge need for physical media releases, Disney choosing to hold back these 4K remasters is part of a scary trend.

Too Many Movies & Shows Are Already Unavailable On Streaming

Disney Holding Back 4K Remasters Of Fox Movies Is Part Of A Much Bigger Problem

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At this point, streaming does not serve as a full library of content. There is so much older material that is not available anywhere to stream online, which is frustrating as this makes it incredibly difficult to find and watch. Streaming platforms even remove their own original content, making it so that it is virtually impossible to find.

Many times, this is a cost-cutting measure, as platforms removing content from their libraries lets them write it off as losses and pay out less in residuals. Because it saves these streamers money, it is likely that the trend of removing content will continue. While it makes sense for the streamer's bottom line, it is disappointing for viewers and increases the need for physical media.

Physical Media Is Very Important Again (But Fewer Studios Are Committed To It)

Disney Holding Back 4K Remasters Of Fox Movies Is Part Of A Much Bigger Problem

Audiences have learned content can very quickly move from one streaming platform to another and even disappear from streaming altogether. This makes it important for passionate consumers to be able to own a physical copy. Fewer and fewer places are making this a priority, however. Disney, for example, has made it clear that they are not interested in physical distribution moving forward, as they have handed it off to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to handle.

Though physical media are a much smaller piece of the entertainment industry than they once were, they still have value and should be treated as such. To put into perspective, Oppenheimer's 4K home release sold out in retailers across the country. It's clear that there are still consumers who value being able to truly own their favorite media, without fear of having it taken off of streaming platforms.

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