10 Fourth Wing Book Moments We Must See In The Amazon Show

By Amanda Mullen Published 1 hour ago

Amazon is adapting Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing for the small screen, and the series will bring many amazing moments from the book to life.

10 Fourth Wing Book Moments We Must See In The Amazon Show


  • Amazon is adapting Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros for TV, and it will bring thrilling moments from the best-selling book to the small screen.
  • Challenges include capturing dragons and action-packed scenes, requiring careful planning and a hefty special-effects budget.
  • Scenes that will be great on-screen are Violet crossing the parapet, Violet navigating the Gauntlet, and Violet bonding with Andarna and Tairn.


Amazon is adapting Rebecca Yarros' Fourth Wing for the small screen, and there are many moments from the best-selling book that will be exciting to see in the upcoming TV show. Yarros' novel took the book community by storm when it debuted in 2023, and its sequel, Iron Flame, has gotten nearly as much hype. Given its popularity, it's no surprise that Amazon has picked up the series for a TV adaptation. If handled properly, it could become a massive hit.

Of course, there are challenges to adapting Fourth Wing for the small screen, including capturing one of the biggest elements of the books: the dragons. Fourth Wing's fantastical world and action-packed story will require a great deal of planning and a hefty special-effects budget. That said, there are many book moments that would be amazing to immerse oneself in on-screen.

10 Violet Crossing The Parapet

This Daunting Moment Establishes Violet's Character

Fourth Wing opens with a reluctant Violent Sorrengail trying out for the Riders Quadrant in Navarre's elite military academy despite having trained to become a scribe her whole life. Violet's woefully unprepared for the rigorous & and often deadly & trials that recruits are put through in order to prove themselves. Her mother forces her to face them anyway, and the first step to Violet entering Basgiath War College is crossing a parapet and living to tell the tale. Naturally, Violet's turn to cross the parapet takes place while it's raining, making this obstacle even more dangerous.

This is Violet's first test in Fourth Wing, and seeing it on-screen will be a thrilling experience for fans of the books. It will also help establish Violet's character in Amazon's television series, as she's brave and resourceful enough to make it across the parapet, even after selflessly giving one of her shoes to another girl & one whose soles would certainly have sent her plunging to her death. This demonstration of Violet's character is important, and it's a great way to open the story. The Fourth Wing show absolutely must do it justice.

9 Violet Getting Past The Gauntlet

While the parapet is Violet's first test at Basgiath War College, watching her get past the Gauntlet will be even more exciting. In Fourth Wing, the first-year trainees for Navarre's military are forced to make their way through a deadly obstacle course alongside their fellow squad members. Violet's at a disadvantage when it comes to this test, as her short stature makes it almost impossible to get past the final portion. Fortunately, Violet finds a way to get past this particular challenge, even if it's not technically acceptable. By thinking outside the box and using her scribe knowledge, she finds a loophole to keep herself alive.

Violet and her friends navigating the Gauntlet will undoubtedly look cool on-screen, but this is another moment that will be major for Violet's character. The TV show must demonstrate that she's resourceful enough to survive training despite her chronic illness putting her at a disadvantage. It'll also be fun to see Dain and Xaden butt heads after Violet's clever move, especially for those rooting for her relationship with the latter.

8 The Meeting Of The Marked Ones

Violet & Xaden's Interaction Is A Great Moment

The children of traitors forced to attend Basgiath are called "marked ones" in Fourth Wing, and they aren't allowed to gather in groups greater than three. Despite this rule, Violet catches wingleader Xaden and a number of other marked ones meeting together almost right after she joins the military academy. When confronted by Xaden, the two have a wonderfully tense interaction that concludes with Violet proving herself with a pair of knives. Although this moment is small, it's important to the bond they form & and it proves Violet isn't as meek as she first seems. This will be fun to watch in the Amazon show, even if it's brief.

7 Violet Saving Andarna During The Threshing

Meeting Violet's Dragons Will Be A Highlight Of The Amazon Show

Fourth Wing is all about prospective dragon riders bonding with their dragons, and they find their dragon partners during an event called the Threshing. During Violet's Threshing, she catches some of her classmates planning to kill a helpless dragon. Violet comes to the dragon's aid, defending Andarna from despicable characters like Jack, even if the likelihood of her winning a fight against them is low. Fortunately, this catches the attention of a much larger, less helpless dragon named Tairn. Both Tairn and Andarna take to Violet because of her bravery, and it will be a joy to meet them on-screen.

Assuming Amazon does Fourth Wing justice with its CGI budget, Tairn and Andarna will leave a memorable impression on viewers of the TV show. Tairn is sure to look as magnificent as Drogon from Game of Thrones, and Andarna will be cute enough that Amazon could make merchandise sales off of Fourth Wing. It'll also be satisfying to see Violent stand up to Jack and the other trainees who deserve her wrath.

6 Violet Riding On Tairn's Back For The First Time

Fourth Wing's Flight Sequences Could Be Amazing

After everything Violet goes through during her training, seeing her bond with the largest, most dangerous dragon of her year is a satisfying development in Fourth Wing. However, what's more exciting is seeing her ride on her dragon's back for the first time. Tairn ensures that Violet's disability doesn't prevent her from becoming a dragon rider & a powerful statement for the book and its adaptation to make. Tairn's sarcasm whenever Violent mounts him is also entertaining, and their back-and-forth will be hilarious with the right pair of actors (sadly, there's no word on Fourth Wing's cast just yet).

Following all the work Violet puts into training at Basgiath War College, it will also just be satisfying to see her succeed at this challenge. While it's not the final thing she's forced to endure, it's a huge milestone in her journey to joining the Rider's Quadrant. Hopefully, the Amazon adaptation does it justice.

5 Xaden Saving Violet From The Late Night Attack

This Scene Is Exciting For Multiple Reasons

After bonding with two dragons & one of whom is the largest and strongest that year & Violet finds herself with a target on her back. This culminates in a late-night attack on her while she's sleeping, which is one of the biggest scenes in Fourth Wing. Not only does Violet discover that she can pause time using her bond with Andarna, but she's saved by Xaden, who's rightly angry when he arrives at her bedroom. It's a big moment for her as a dragon rider and her relationship with the wingleader. Executed properly, it will also be visually impressive on-screen.

Xaden's signet enables him to control shadows, much like the Darkling in Shadow and Bone. Watching him take out Violet's attackers with this ability will prove thrilling, at least if Amazon finds a way to make his shadows look natural and intimidating. Violet's abilities will also prove a fun twist. It'll leave newcomers talking about this scene for quite some time.

4 Violet & Xaden Finally Getting Together

This Steamy Moment Will Be Satisfying After All The Build-Up

There are many romantic moments between Violet and Xaden that will be exciting to see brought to life, but the two finally admitting they're attracted to each other and acting on it will be the most satisfying. This is especially true after all the ways Fourth Wing builds to Violet and Xaden getting together. The steamy moment when they seal the deal will be exciting for anyone rooting for the couple, and it will also lead to some hilarious developments when it comes to Violet's signet.

3 Violet Manifesting Her Signet

Her Power Will Be Even More Awe-Inspiring Than Xaden's

Xaden's signet will be awe-inspiring when shown on-screen, but Violet's will be even more impressive & especially during the scene in which she first learns what it is. Violet struggles to manifest her signet from Tairn, but she brings forth her power during Basgiath's war games. When her friend Liam is being attacked by Jack, Violet gets so angry that she conjures up lightning. This ability is sure to be a visual marvel in Amazon's adaptation, and it will be more satisfying given the consequences. Violet inadvertently kills Jack with her new power, finally giving the character his comeuppance after all his despicable actions.

2 The Reveal Of Dain’s Betrayal

The Amazon Show Should Make Dain's Intentions Less Obvious

Dain's betrayal is a huge twist in the Fourth Wing book, and the Amazon series can actually improve upon this reveal during season 1. Violet's childhood friend is prickly and suspicious for much of the novel, something that makes it difficult to connect with or like him. His mind-reading abilities make him a powerful player in Fourth Wing's fantasy world, and they also make him dangerous. He uses these powers against Violet and Xaden, reading Violet's mind without her permission. She discovers this late in the book & too late, as Violet and Xaden walk into a trap because of Dain's plotting.

The fact that Dain is an antagonist is somewhat predictable in the source material, but the Fourth Wing show fix this. By making Dain's bad behavior more subtle in the beginning, it can ensure that his betrayal actually comes as a surprise. This will no doubt help this moment land for viewers who haven't read the book yet.

1 The Final Fight Against The Venin

Fourth Wing's ending sees Violet learning that wyvern and venin are real just before she and her friends find themselves in an all-out battle with them. This battle will likely be covered in the finale of Fourth Wing season 1, and it will set the Amazon series up for long-term success. With the venin riding on the backs of the wyvern and the humans riding their dragons, this fight will require a ton of CGI to work. However, it will look fantastic if done correctly. It will also see Violet using her lightning signet offensively, adding more stunning visuals to this massive action sequence.

This will be the biggest and most thrilling moment of Fourth Wing season 1, so it's a moment that book fans will be excited to watch. The battle also comes with casualties, which will add an emotional component to the finale. If the Fourth Wing season 1 finale sticks to the books, it will leave viewers teary-eyed and begging for season 2.

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